Thursday, December 30, 2010

Countdown to 2011

2010 is sooooo beautiful year for me. Im so greatful for 2010.
I Found my real life back, and I found my real passion.
Im thankful for all of the lesson and experience in good & bad, And all opportunities.

Thanks to my hubby, my kids, my lovely friends, and people who hates me and dislike me who have made my life so wonderful and sparkling. - Thank you so much -

Anyway ,Are you ready to welcoming 2011 ? and Already list down your target, forecast and resolution ?? I will share mine by tomorow.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheers 2011 And Memorize 2010

Wooww It almost 2011 A brand new year is here , Another year filled with Dreams, Hope, Expectations, Resolutions, Fears and Forecast. And 2010 will end soon, A year that dissapointed many , Sad, suprised some, and A happy moment.

My sincerest wish for 2011 : Let we make good things happening, Help more people, Do the best for our family, friends, Work and job, Always be a good parents for our childrens, create a happiness in this world start from our environment,

Set the target and achieve it, keep Chase our dream & passion, Maintain good healthy ,And keep our value & good heart more stronger.

Let us share a moment of joy, love, peace heart , keep humble, Greatfull and understanding.

That is my new year's wish. I hope you all share it with me.

And more tips for 2011 " Remember, dont look at things only from one angle coz there are other angles to look from, be open minded - YOT "

Happy New year 2011 , All ! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas And Happy New Year

Hai everyonee.... Its 2 days before X'mas. Tomorrow we're OFF to Holiday to spend the rest of the year 2010 with our little Family and Friends ! In this opportunity .. I would like to wishes All my Friends...

" Merry Xmas & Happy New year 2011 "
Lets up keep this Xmas beautiful without a thought of greed. That it might live forevermore to fill our everyneed. That it shall not be just a day, but last a lifetime through.

There's more, much more, to Xmas and new year than candle light and cheers. Its the spirit of sweet Friendship that brightens all year. Its thoughtfulness and kindness, It's Hope reborn again, For peace, For Understanding And for Goodwill to men !!

From Home to Home, and Heart to Heart, From one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas , brings us closer to each other. Togetherness sure make us more strong !!

I love you all my friends, I love you Universe ! :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

My husband post this postcard to His Facebook. And Im so surprise and happy for the wishes.
Thank you so much for the wishes. I hope I can always be greatest mom for all of you.
I love you all. xoxoxoxoxo

A Mothers work is never done
She works from morning till dawn
She spreads her love and keeps you warm
But only once a year as a kid we say :

We wish you a warm and great greetings
for my dearest mom @Home, and all mom in the world
Have a wonderfull day, Mom :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Outfit : Zara Basic Pants + Anjani Wedges

Wooohooo... Finaly I recieved Iwearup Shoes. And I really loved it so much !

It felt very awesome.. The shoes very light. I loved the quality. A Gorgeous shoes with sexy cut outs , suitable for day or night wear. I have been wearing this wedges to death. Its very comfortable and the " batik " makes more "out of the box " fashion.

I Try it with a Basic pants and clothes.. Looks very sexy :

[ Zara basic Pants + Top Tarzan -Unbrand ]
I have to admit, I am rather in love with my outfit. Not Usually outfit-im kind a Maxi dress lover. I quited like this denim-pants look casual. Comfy and perfect for any occasional

My auntie 79th Birthday Blast

Hi eveyone ... Im so blank today ..But i cant stand NOT to post some picture in my blog ! (*In Holiday mood *).

Yesterday we had a great family dinner. My big auntie Turns 79 ! My Brothers ( cousin ) organised a party for her - Book round 6 table chinese restaurant. My Auntie had a BLAST !

Wishing Her all the best and Keep healthy ! We all love and care of you so much !! Here is the Precious Moment .. Tradaaa :

[ Happy birthday , Tua-ie. Wishing you keep healthy and all the best ]
My auntie and her children ( Tjoeng Family )

[ lovely grand children ]

[ Ricky Family ]

[ The sisters ]

[ Tunggadjaja Family (*Minus Mike*) ]

[ Cheers... For our happiness .. Healthy.. Wealthy .. And all the best ]

[ Me & Stephanie ]

[ 3 little Guest - Celine, Michelle & Hugo ]

Yes.. We had a wonderfull dinner shared with all the family members. Thank you for the dinner.
Hugs and kisses all around !

Friday, December 17, 2010

Parenting : Keep the traditional games alive for FUN

Play and games are an integral part of the life of any child. Video games, Computer , TV are all common activities that a child may participate on their Free time. And Frank speak , I never agree to bought any Video games or any portable games for my toddler until they ages 15 years old. In my view, Nowdays kids are being spoiled by electronic games, This made indonesian kids grow up with selfish attitudes, ego, and love their own life and build them to the level hedonism life.

Due to the increase of technology in the home, traditional games have become less popular in modern times. The Fact Many traditional games will improve the mental skill and creativity of children, if they are introduced to them at the right age. And Playing traditional games still lot of benefit rather than you let your kids to play Video games all the time.

I still remember how is my childhood past day by day. Full of fun , and hv a good memorize. Playing outdoor activities with a traditional games with my neighbor friends. Who still remember Marbles, Congklak , Ludo, Ular tangga , Hide and seek, jump a ropes, walking by one leg, marbles ? These are games of the past . But to the children of this area , they are nothing more but whispers of the distant past. They Inspire. They spark creativity for those who play the games.

And I really want to share my old-skool games with my kids and let them know how fun traditional games. And how attractive they are...

Ular tangga :

[ play together so much fun ]

Objective : Teach the kids about patience and strategy, Forcing Kids to coorporate with other kids , Teach kids to accept loose & win.

Congklak :
[ Michelle so happy]

[ I teach her strategy and math ]

Objective : Teach the kids bout strategy and precision. And excercise their hand motoric. And teach them honesty, and integrity.

Keep our tradition games ALIVE down to our children and grand children. Build their imagination, social life , and grow togetherness through this game.

Hopefully this Blog can inspiring you to make a Happy Quality time with your kids @ home.

Enjoy ur time and Love you mom !! :D

We are Silly Couple

Almost all our friends give same opinion about our relationship. And In this blog I want to declare it officially " YES.... WE ARE A SILLY COUPLE " . ha ha ha ha ha :D

I admit that our marriage lot of fun , stupidity, sillyness and all funny things. Me and Hubby are humorous person. We love to make a joke, do stupid things together without feel any stiffness and offended. With him I can freely do all my evil and stupid me without feeling awkward and embarrassed. We always admiring each other. Admiring our silly face, our "evil/naughty" idea, our bad/dirty joking. (*ha ha ha ha..I know I know. now you start to constrict your eyebrow when reading this blog*). Yeahh... this US to be.

With him life was so fun and colorfull. Everyday lot of new experience and laughter we can share. Sometimes just some funny shout in Facebook or Tweeter can make us very exciting to discuss until few hours. And I love his spontaneous joke. Not rude , funny but charming (*but sometimes very hit the mark*). ha ha ha ha.

This kind of "sillyness " is how we making time for each other. I thought all couple need to get some trick to make their marriage still hot and quality,rite ?. And I think I can keep survive with this marriage coz of all this sillynees happend to us.. Joke, laugh, have fun together.Thats true connection between us.

As you know, Both of us are very bussy couple, who work 8-10 hours per day. Come home feel very exhausted, Tired, frustation sometimes. Just hv 4-5hours/day for our quality time, untill we decide to fall sleep. We try to maintain our good communication. Its really hard you know.. When your head overheat , overwhelmed coz of your job/ project/ or any distracted out there... its really hard to make a deep and quality conversation. What we get just a bitter and plain conversation. I really dont like this kind of conversation in my dinning table or bed.

So We always try to melting our Full and pack dayz with this "sillyness" trick. He know how to make my days ,I love the way he hug me , and make sure that "everything gonna be okay " .. its just money..Its just a work.. Its just a stupid client... Its just a jerk friends... But it cant ease your happiness, Your beautifull smile. When I See you smile is the finest hour in this life !" Woohooo....So sweet rite.

Sometimes dont look down of " SILLYNESS". It is something that make our life more colorful and meaningful. We can understand more "what is the meaning of life and happiness " !

Have a good time , all !! Dont be afraid to express your sillyness infront of your couple. :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Eagle In my chest " :D

Sound weird ya :D better write " GARUDA DI DADAKU " .

I guess everyone is looking foward tonight football game. Indonesia VS Phillipine.
I thought The GARUDA team really is unstoppable now. Woohoo.. After beating laos, Malaysia (*love love Bambang*) Beat Thailand again and Now the time move to the 2nd stage of the TIGER cup.

Wishing you all the best babe " Irfan Bachdim" (*blushing*) & Go go go For " Bambang Pamungkas ". We will support you. Make Indonesian Proud with the new revolution of football team ! mwahhhh :

Dear Friends,
GIve your big support for THE GARUDA team .. dont forget to watch TV on 19.30wib. !
IN-DO-NE-SIA...jreng..jreng..jreng..jreng IN-DO-NE-SIA ! Woohooo


I Make some wish list for GAP BIG SALE .
Admiring This Shirt, Ts, Skinny jeans, Shoes, and Cap for Mike.

And this beautifull Eyelet Lace party dress for my beautifull girl-Michelle.
Love it so much only $29
I wantttt.....Want...want !

And Matching GAP Sparkly ballet flat shoes Price $ 19
SO cute yaa !! :D

Happy Shopping,mom !!

Shop Me @ TIE

Sexy TIE for the Exclusive GUY !!
Like I always mentioned. I love neat and classy guy. And some stuff to showed that you're a classy guy , you definitely need a TIE. Buy a tie at shop definitely very expensive.
And I recommend you to buy Simple Tie with a cheap price :
Comes with a different color : Black, Grey, Silver, Purple, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Pink ( Very Colorful ) .
The price very afdorable ... Happy shopping

Daily Outfit : Princess Pinky Gown

[ Perfect Gift From Auntie Grace. She loves the dress so much. She loves to spin around with that dress. hi hi hi hi.. :D ]

Thanks auntie Grace for the Present..Mwaahhhhhh...

Photography : Reflection

A little reflection will show us that every belief, even the simplest and most fundamental, goes beyond experience when regarded as a guide to our actions.

[ Sunda Kelapa " REFLECTION " - PEN Olympus Camera - By: sparkle of life ]

[And I love this pic.. Credit for the best photographer : Rocky Pesik.
Mysterious pic , you can see from the cloud, BW photo, Boat reflection.. Thic photo without digital processing ( Photoshop ) , Using E5 Olympus Camera ..Woohoo ]
Here is his collection :

[ Here is the man behind the Gun ]


Friday, December 3, 2010


I believe every people born in this world has a certain mission and purpose. why we can be born in this family not in that family ? why S/he could be our brother/sister, our family and our friends ? Why we're born in this country not other country ? So many why in my mind ... WHY this all happened? "Why are we here?" Is this coincidence or is this a draft of planing ? It is a mystery that was planned by GOD. All purpose of our life is to complete our mission.

Only us who can understand what purpose and mission we have for this world ? Umm..What is my true purpose in this life ??? All paradigm ,theory, religion, research makes me confused and dizzy to think about it.

I just understand my purpose of life started from :

Being Me and ME

I just want to be who I Am. The foolish me, bad temp,impatient, cheerfull, talkative person in My good or bad character.The imperfect Mommy, wife and friends. I want all ppl can feel my explode feeling and emotion to make this life more tasty and Yummy. Best Food in this world, need to prepare lot of ingridient(spicy,bitter,sweet).

Being Happiness

Spread and share my happiness. Another passion to be a story telling. let ppl can be influence and feel the happiness. and Its okay to pretend youre happy,slowly it becomes your habit and finaly it becomes your character.And happiness is a mindest. You dont need to create it. And its not destination and target to achieve. ITs just your mindset that take you a long the way. This life is YOURS..and let you enjoy it !

" Life doesn’t end when we die. Life ends when we decide to stop touching others, through our hands moreover our hearts. When I no longer exist in your heart, what is there to share? And when life takes me away, who will be there to care? " - Diana rika sari -

Being Gracefull.

And I always avoid feelings of hatred and resentment toward others. Life is too precious to be a hater. "Life feels simple when you dont have too care too much bout "hating" and care who will hate you and dislike you. Just do the best for them and let them decide !

I love you universe, I love you , Humans. although we dont know each others. Let us smile and give big tolerance with oter. We are strong with that way and Keep find our Purpose of life to be a better person !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its not just Money..But Experience !!

Ah...cant wait for the coming holiday ! I even cant stop my mind to imagine our great holiday, Shopping while enjoying the beautifull of xmas carol , Enjoy the exotic of the beach, Listen to the melodious of the waves, soft of the sand on my feet.

I've always been a big disagree of the motto that money cant buy happiness. My take on this a bit different. Yeass..."MONEY" cant buy happiness , But it can HELP you to buy Experiences that make you happier.

For this case, Going on vacation absolutely will makes me, Kiddos and hubby feel HAPPY. It would getting away from the day to day routine and endless job. Holiday to a destinantion away from our Home , relaxing our body and soul :D . Do we need a plenty of money for leisure ?? To enjoy our Holiday ?

I dont think so , We can always spend our holiday just at a little cottage/hotel even we can stay with our friends / family house. To spend more money on vacations means being able to visit NEW and AMAZING places we never see, Eat decent food, Enjoy new culture , Enjoy beautifull landscape.

I got this great motto from others blog web " Life is short... Sowe need to collect experiences More ".

My kids always love to stay in hotel, they feel its like a new experience for them. New environment, New room, New ambients. When we have our holiday overseas, we always do like a backpackers... Just need A map and we can explore all the way (*like DORA*) . We always try to encourage our kids to find out more in the countries that we go. We take new experiences Try the transportation "MRT" / "BUSES".. the farm stay, and so on.

" The experiences " is the KEY. Spending more money on Experiences , traveling, visit new place. its just more rewarding and happiness-contribution for our Hectic life.

Do you agree with the idea that spending money on" experiences" more happier on your holiday ? WHat kind of "experiences " will you find on ur vacation ?

(*Some source from " workitmoms". - thanks for the sharing - "Nataly" *)

Daily Outfit - Pink On Style ..Up..Up

It’s impossible,” said pride. It’s risky, said experience.

“It’s pointless,” said reason.
“Give it a try,” said the heart.

Im falling in love with this BATIK shoes from " IWEARUP ".
UP is another great Shoes Online shop based in Indonesia,With great shoes design and affordable prices.
UP brand is own by Diana rikasari (The famous Fashion Blogger).
But, we need to indent those pretty shoes.. All those shoes Not Ready stock. They need 14days to made by order.
But Its okay ... I am willing to wait patiently. I can imagine my lucky feet Wearing this beautifull shoes , design with passion and purpose ..100% Made In Indonesia.
And We are not only shopping but we do charity too. For every pair of UP shoes we purchase, IDR 5,000 is allocated for charity.
Well..well.. What are you waitting for..Up Up Up and Buy it.
Enjoy :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mommy's Boy - Look A Like

Ha ha ha ha ha... I cant stop laughing everytime I see this picture. My cousin upload this old picture to Facebook.
I just relize when I saw this picture, my face look a like with my mike.
We have similar eyes, lips, Nose, forehead, rounded face, hair, and cheecky face...

Woohooo..... Yeapp...Yeapp... Mike is mommy's BOY !


I love White

Spread Our Love :

"There are many in the world dying for a piece of
bread but there are many more dying for a little love" - Mother Theresa

We could say the
same with the AIDS pandemic. So many need drugs but so many more need love.

Let's opponents the epidemic of the disease and Against the discrimantion of the infected!
(* Hate the disease NOT the people *)

I wish you a Fabulous Christmas " on December " and a safe prosperous New Year
And Make this World AIDS day one of Hope ...and Love !!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CHAOS in the Morning

Mike send this message to my boss by SMS :


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hjnjhkm$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ghhbfghbhthjyjjjutgrfnjc¤h. "

OOOHHHHH Plssss.... ! What a chaos morning .. Too many "dollars" mike.

ummm....I should thank him (*my friends said*) He already help me to asking my boss for a raise ! Bahh...Hopefully my boss "understand" what mike's trying to say he he he he.. No no no ..I meant hopefully my boss "understand" KIDS ???

Food for NOBLES

If you want to treat me as a lady ... Yeahh.. this one of my fave food !
Ha ha ha ha ha :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday party

I jumped from my bed, When i heard very very loud laughter in my kitchen. Im so surprise when i saw my hubby bathed flour. And I saw all my best gals in my kitchen laugh very happy. (especially nelly.. she always waitting for this momment ). oohh...poor hubby ! But its okay , Clock showed 12.15 , tats meant now you growing old liao. Happy Birthday Hubby ! What a surprise bday celebration. (*frank speak, I dont know bout this surprise party . My mom, my servant and all my best buddy arranged it for him. Oohh...Mom. *)

[ Hubby's Birthday cake ]

2nd time Surprised party @ his office. I arrange with his boss and his collague. After office hours, I show up with my kiddos and friends. Tradaaaa... And 2nd time He almost got heart attack... Again !! Yaaayy..very happy saw his happy face. Very innocent ! ha ha ha ha

[ I always love his innocent smile... He always cute for me hi hi hi hi]

Happy birthday to love of my life. We love you so much !
From the bottom of my heart... I really , trully do thanks GOD for creating such cheecky, and an amazing man who complements me in every area...and eventough he always do silly things but he really completes me.

God is so Fair !
Create this Silly guy to meet Smart and clever wife. ha ha ha ha :D
Just kidding ,dear !
I really love you and YES... you are the most handsome, classy, charming, endearing man for me !
And Growing old with you is one of my favorite things to do !!.
- Happy Birthday , Hubby ! -

Every Body loves BABIES

This visually stunning new movie simultaneously follows four babies around the world - from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.

The child-rearing approaches are as varied as the families’ socio-economic levels, and yet all the babies strive for – and achieve – the same things. They bond with the parents, explore the world around them using all five senses, torment household pets, and work incredibly hard to develop gross motor skills.

I was fascinated by the contrast of parenting raise a healthy and happy child in different place and environment and situation. While I couldn’t imagine raising a child in a forest , underdeveloped economic.

Umm..from the trailer i can get some conclusion : Every Children are TOUGH & FORCEFUL , they can follow their inner drive, and need only a healthy dose of freedom, love, respect, trust, and tangible experiences to unleash their potential.

I cant wait to watch this movie tonite... Babies...Babies..I love Babies !! :D Who will follow me to watch this movie ??? Come..Come...Come ...

Best Quote :

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration - Evan Esar

Shop Via Web Online

I bought this dress via online shop. Ahh.. I like the dress. Lace white dress, very elegan and sexy suitable for nite party.

And the black victorian dress it so much. Elegan. The dress has a structured Bodice and for me personally, I would go with a naked neck. And paired it with blazer so can suitble in any ocassional.

Ahh.. Cant hardly wait to recieve the dress.. Will update you soon when the goods arrived. and will take some photo (*Dailyoutfit*)

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