Monday, June 7, 2010

Be More Thankful...More Often !

If you want to be happier be thankful for things you have in your life more often.

That is the basic message in "THANKS" .

This seems like a very simple concept but I know I don’t practice it enough. When I do, it works. on days when I stop and appreciate what I already have in my life, small or big, I feel better and I am more positive as a person. Period.

On days when I am caught up with trying to chase something or don’t take a single moment to stop and appreciate things, I feel crappier and am generally crappier to be around. In my sample size of one, this principle seems to be true 100%.

And Here is some article i take from my friends, 6 ways to do gratitude :

1.At dinnertime, take a moment to say one thing you are thankful for. Be specific.

2.Remember why you love your spouse, kids, and friends when they’re annoying or frustrating you.

3.Don’t compare other people’s lives with yours. When you’re envious, ask yourself, “How can I create more in me of what I see in them?”

4.Give thanks for your body. What can you appreciate about it right now?

5.Look for the hidden blessings in challenges. How have you grown?

6.Practice daily. Keep a gratitude journal and e-mail it to a gratitude partner, someone with whom you want to share positive thoughts.

Hopefully it can be usefull, and for me i'll try to do it. More greatful !

With the endless juggling we all do it’s easy to forget to be thankful. How do you remind yourself to appreciate what you have in your life ?

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