Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Burberry addicted

Can I just start by saying, i am not a millionaire, nor am I what I would called particularly rich. But I do like to dress my kids in nice clothes.

Burberry happens to be my favourite.

I have to admit, I do like to follow the celebrities when it comes to fashion and would like to think I had a reasonable grasp of the latest trends. I became hooked on Burberry childrens clothes after little Brooklyn Beckham was christened in a Burberry outfit!
The trademark Burberry design is a brown/cream check design called Nova plaid. A lot of the clothes (including the mens and womens) have an area of the Nova plaid design which makes it stand out as being a genuine Burberry piece. The real Nova plaid (beware as there are a lot of similar materials out there) consists of 3 black lines close together intersecting another 3 black lines close together across a tan colour background.

AND ......YaaaaaaaaYYYY ! At last I got Burberry Jacket for xian ( my daughter).
I really admire it soooo much for long long long time ago.
but never found good reason to buy it. Since the price can make us heartattack.
But now i can bought it for xian2. Coz on march we have family holiday in a cold place.
so need it so much ! (* ahhh....dandad will said " just for alasan " drooling his eyes *) .

DON'T CARE ...i love it so much !! And the most important, i already bought it, and IT CAN NOT BE RETURN !! (*CATAT itu *) hehehe...

Argghhhh...love the coat soo muchhhhhhh !
Xian2 will love it so much to, coz she has a good taste too like her mommy. hihihi...

Daddy, dont be shock please !! I bought for mike too.. hihihihi.. :D YAAAYYY !!

Happy mommy after spend dandad money ! (*btw, my money too..bwek :P )

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