Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Malacca the city of Medical centre

I just returned from a medical checkup in Malacca. Many People dont know Where and what is malacca. Malacca is an old Herittage and small town in Malaysia.And very unique city. A lot of good food here, and interesting places to visit.

Not only that, their Medical treatment and hospital is very advanced and modern . I always check my health here. The price is not too expensive, but the doctor is very thorough and highly sophisticated medical equipment. I really High recomend for all of you , if you have some problem with your healthy and still blur with indonesian doctor. Better you go to Malacca. Just one Big hospital here.. " Mahkota Medical Centre ".Among treatment/sick ppl , this hospital is quite well known.

Its very convinient to reach there. From Airport Kuala Lumpur , there's Specialist bus can take you too Mahkota Hospital.

From Kuala Lumpur need around 2 hours to reach Malacca By bus. You can take " Transnasional" bus in Line 7 ( From LCCT airport ) . The bus will stop in front of the Hospital. The fare cost is RM22/person.

From Singapore Need Around 3 hours to reach Mallaca By bus. You can take " DELIMA " bus from Lavender Bus stop. every hours they have route to malacca. The fare cost from S$ 25~35.

And for the accomodation/hotel, dont be afraid... Near the hospital lot of Motel/Hostel/Hotel. You can find from cheapest too expensive one. For the so so one , you can paid around 80~110RM/nite.

So We welcome visitors from all around the world seeking remedies for a range of medical needs. Its really High recomended.

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