Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michelle the cheerleaders.

Last saturday michelle had her cheerleader's performe. At MOI - Kelapa gading ( blitz Megaplex) . To celebrate K2 Graduation.
but too bad , in the event we cant take any picture. Hixx :(
Michelle really love dancing sooo much. Now i can see she have dancing talented. But not in Ballet classic , so surprise she loves modern dance sooo muuuchhhhh !
Frank speak , i lurvveee to see lil girl dance ballet.
but we can not impose what we wills, rite ? sooo i will support her whatever it is.

here the picture tat we take before event.

Say ...I ..L.O.V.E ....LOVE YOU !! Yeahhhhh..... Love you so much dear !

:D -S-
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