Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feel The sound ...

I never been crazy bout gadget. Diffrent with my hubby , He is so freaky bout gadget. Love to follow gadget trends. For me gadget is just a gadget.. And the others day My boss gave me this cute speaker as a bday present. and i really fallin' in love. The capsule look is sleek and even more so with the black matte feel to it. so soft. and The blue LED at the bottom was an excellent colour choice. and I tested to connect with my " blackberry - Onyx " and the sound life-like audio and rich bass, unexpected from such a small and compact device. In addition, the BXS (Bass Xpansion System) -where the speker opens up like an accorsian- really makes a difference.
The X-Mini is really, really loud for it's size and for me is more enough for a closed room or car. Outdoors though, the speakers tend to be drowned out by background noise and seems to lose it's WOW factor. Still, audio quality is relatively good for a device that size.

and the extended 11 hour battery is amazing and more than enough for a day out with friends, plus the built in depression and 3.5mm jacks that fits snugly into it means the speaker is neat and good to go as is, no extra messy cables, no need for power cables etc.
In short, I am pretty satisfied with the device, definitely a good buy. Very very very recommended !!!
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