Thursday, July 8, 2010

Harem Jumpsuit

Harem Jumpsuit from

WHAT is " Harem Pants " (also known as Hammer pants) are baggy pants tapered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area. The popularity of harem pants increased in the late 1980s with MC Hammer.
Harem pants, which originated in India, are like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The legs, from the knees down, are fitted. The crotch area is loose and baggy as if it were cut to be a skirt. Traditional harem pants can be extremely large and baggy, with a very wide and full fit, very roomy, loose fitting, oversized, puffy, spacious, with elastic in waist and at ankles, and with the crotch below the knee almost to the ground. Source from :

But i really love to wear Harem Jumpsuit... its totaly simple to wear, and comy. they are so lightweight great for the summer when you may not want to get your legs out but are light, so their not heavy like jeans.

I usually wear jumpsuit harems with gladiator sandals and a vest and they look great . For evening you could even get away with wearing the cropped ones and great with High Heels shoes.

They also look great if you wear the full length ones high on the waist with a bat wing top in a diffrent colour and huge waist belt with heels. Or simple with a body Tank top.

Mom/sista,What are your thoughts on harem pants/Jumpsuit? Would you wear them?

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