Thursday, July 8, 2010

Malacca - Chicken Rice ball

Malacca is well-known for its Nyonya cuisine & chicken rice-ball. Not many folks knew that Malacca is the origin of the flavoured rice-ball.

These rice-balls, about the size of golf balls are taken with boiled chicken flavoured with sauce and sesame oil. The rice itself is best taken with pounded chilli-sauce.
All the chicken rice ball are moulded by machine.The taste really yummy...i can eat 5 in once And My hubby love it soo muchhhh...Healways said " miss the chicken rice ball so much... really want to come back again. To taste it.. He always craving it "We ate at Famosa chicken rice-ball restaurant specialises in serving these tantalising and mouth-watering rice-balls. Using traditional Hainanese chicken rice recipe, these delicious rich-balls are served with the tender and juicy chicken meat . The chicken meat is as tender as the "kampung chicken"
Apart from its signature rice-ball dishes, the restaurant also serve roast pork, duck and curry dishes to cater for more customers. The restaurant have a great interior , i like the heritage design . and the place is along the famous Jonker Walk, also known as the Antique Street. There is also a picture gallery within the restaurant for one to reminisce about historical Malacca, its people and olden days panorama.
When you visit Malacca ... You must try - Chicken Rice ball ...BON APPETITE
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