Monday, July 26, 2010

Mike : " Mommy , see i can do like this... "

Hee hee...Mike always know how to make his mommy " Heart attack " with his action.

As I sat on a nearby bench, I "DID" feel a little ‘ Horrified' watching him Jump here...Jump there !! Climb here...Climb there in the really High playground. I DID feel the adrenaline inside!

Yeahh..I admit , I'm a Kia-su mommy who always over protect my 2 babies. But I alwalys ty to remind my self not too over posesif , God will always take care of them , and Me as mommy need to give them more Confidence and Support with what they do.

if I had sounded worried, or if I hadn’t felt confident about him he would have felt the same way too. Our kids’s courage would most likely be based on our response and reaction.

So I just chose to keep my cool in front of him so that he kept his courage and confidence in what he was doing...

Fuuhh...its okay boy...Keep your bravely and be mommy's courageous person !!

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