Friday, July 9, 2010

Mike My Superman

To my dearest little Mike ( My big boy )

Two and half years ago our little family was going through a rough patch. Mom was pretty sick. Things weren’t looking good. We didn’t even know if we could have you. Every years ( June ) come and I must attend Big event in Taipei. I always remember…tat nite ..horrible nite…You still very tiny in mommy tummy...Im bleeding…Blood everywhere…I’m so afraid.. I’m so sick..mommy so lonely...No one beside mommy tat dayz…lying in hotel bedroom… mommy very afraid to loosing you.

But you were our little miracle. You gave us hope in a time of darkness. I would lie in bed wishing the world would swallow me up, and suddenly you’d kick and dance across the walls of my tummy – making me chuckle with delight.

When you were born, my hormones weren’t right. I looked at you bundled up in my arms and instead of buzzing with joy and happiness, I was tired, sad and I cried a lot.I have 2 babies still young at home. Im afraid cant raise two of you very well. It wasn’t you, it was me. Too many worries…Maybe it call Baby blues.

But now I can’t imagine life without you. You are the blazing rock and roll on our otherwise quiet stereo. You are the spicy chilli in our Noodle “Indomie”. You are the sirens, the fireworks, the drums, the sparkle. You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. I hope you know that.

In you, I’ve discovered a child’s love that is so tender, so sensitive, so sweet and so whole-heartedly absolute. When you say you love me, I don’t have to search deep in your eyes to see if you mean it, because it’s splashed across your face – you really do love me.

When I say goodnight to you each evening, you take my face in your hands and you plant little tiny kisses on my cheeks and eye lids. And you love to hug me, when you want to sleep. (like no dare to let me go ). And you’ll look up at me with a sparkle in your eyes, like I’m the most wonderful person in the whole world.But sometimes mom feel so quilty, cant always beside you, too sing lullabies every nite. Coz your Big sista always be the demanding girls at nite. (*fuuhh…*)

I just love it when you smile. I love the way your face and nose wrinkles up. You look so cheeky , happy and noty. It’s adorable, infectious and it makes my heart crumble into a thousand happy pieces.

This new year has seen lots of new changes in your life.

You love learn every single things. We bath you a lot of knowledge, books, morality, creativity , with hope You’ve blossomed into a smart, sociable, confident , and brave little boy.

You love learning. It boggles me to discover how much you pick up, understand, and repeat. You ask me questions about Cars, trees, water, birds, trucks, elevators, lamp – how they all work, what they are for, what can go wrong, what to do when something goes wrong. You listen carefully to everything I say, and will repeat it back as if it’s your own.

You speak so well. I really am so proud of you. Your pronunciations, your sentence structure, and your expressions are all amazing for a kid your age. Some of the clever, random things you say makes me laugh and laugh.

When someone meets you for the first time, the first thing they comment on is your voice. You don’t squeak in a high-pitched, baby voice. Your voice is low and strong. You always sound so serious and authoritative, like a little man – but once you smile, you turn into a giggly little boy again. And sometime when you dislike a person , you will pretend don’t want to see their face and hiding behind the curtain.. and all your body suddenly freezing. ( ha ha ha ha )

Then there’s your eye lashes. And your big sparkling eyes. You make me writhe with jealousy. Im so envy with your perfect those things..

You’ve got a big personality, a strong spirit and a whole lot of big ideas. You’re a wonderful and charming little person with a great big heart. Mom love you Mike. Be always my strong big boy, my ultraman, my mike, like you strong in mommy tummy.


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