Monday, July 5, 2010

Working outfit - 5 july 2010

What a busy monday morning for lazy mommy like me.

Today, my kids start their school. Usually i woke up at 8 o'clock. But today , rushing get up at 6.30 , Prepare my kids stuff, bathing, prepare my self, and breakfast... Hoammm... and thanks god ,today i got new driver.

I take my outfit photo in the office ...Oh geezhhh I hate too see my swollen eyes ! hixxx :(

But im so lazy makeup and dressup my self. This is a very standard office look, but it’s a look that I definitely don’t do anymore! So i take my purple stewerdress.. and pencil skirt tat i bought from Plaza semanggi only 60Rb idr.. very cheap and adorable rite !

the pattern and material very nice, strecht and fit to body.
I wear my old tote shoes, Not to mention the black nails, for old times sake.
Ah, fashion is such fun.

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