Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Siblings Moment

I love this photo so much.. when Michael hugged her sister from behind.

They can Protect and care for each other.

They can share and lovely when got them mood.

And they love bugging each other. Ending with screaming and crying ..sob..sob..sob !

What fun they have, The time they share



Another Cranky Dayz

I just accidentally deleted a document I've been working on for over an hour.

I am torn between jumping head-first into the desk or screaming at the top of my lungs.

Since I can't do in my cubicle, I am going to do it here:


Yes, I was saving it. But then I hit some button (yes, too many screens open, multi-tasking gone bad), and a few seconds later I realized that I'd deleted it.

When I checked the deleted folder I realized that I'd saved the file as a temp file -- it was a doc I downloaded from my email -- and deleted temp files are set to not be saved on my notebook.

I am going to attempt to stay calm here. Be callmmm sherlly.... cant think any more....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>>> ! So I thought I'd vent.
Since I know many of you guys have probably been there...

OK, one more:


Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Outfit : Auntie Sherlly & Baby Moody

It was a goooood dayy... Yeapppyyy :) Im becoming Auntie Sherlly ... Yeapppyy :P

[ Mineola Mini dress, Unbrand cardigan, Everbest shoes ]

Life's One Miracle

Welcome to the world , Baby Nicholas :

[ Welcome to the world Nicholas Arief. Healthy baby boy,2,9kg ]

[Brave mom lying on bed, Congratulate the new parents on the birth of their baby]

A child is life's one miracle that God has given to us. It is up to us to take care of that miracle.

Friday, August 27, 2010

How to handle My Moody Boy ???

Mike is My moody boy. Last time his teacher gave us some note bout his moody character. Yeahh..I'm fully understand with what his teacher facing and It's really make me headache to solve this problem.

Mikey is easily get distracted with his mood. Once he don't want to do his assignment/anything, than he won't do it , and start to give you his bad tantrum. He tends to be sooo stubborn especially to things which he don't agree or uncomfortable with. Even tough you force him to do ..he will ignore you and start to be grumpy and screaming.

And It can make me so M.A.D.

Forcing him ...Scolding him.. and punish him, is totally useless. Sometime I really give up with his stubborness. and really want to pinched him and try to triggle him with physical things. but I'm very conscious, Its not useful and not solving this problem at all.

At that nite, Hubby and I have a good heart-to-heart conversation bout this problem. My husband relizing me , We can't educate Mike with hard way. We need to overcome his stubborns by talking to him nicely and giving him good reason and make sense explanation. With that way he will understand better and try to agree and follow our instruction. The more I put pressure on him, he'll always try the best to defense his opinion.

Now we try to practice The " Highest Level " of Kung-Fu. Take deep breath , Start Talk to him nicely and give him good reason why he must to do his assgiment or why he must be a good boy .. try to give him some moral explanantion.. And Yeahhh its really test our emotion (* we need to control our emotions, think clearly and try teach them the kinds of lessons / values that they’re supposed to learn).

AND It's work ! He can accept it very well eventough need takes some time for mike to think and relize tat he's wrong. And what make me suprised is He can say sorry with his stubborness and mistaken.

Ahh...Being a parent with this challenging situations - where our emotion and patience often get tested is REALLY HARD... Fuuhh but everything was worth it, When we can see our kids can grow up with a good character. :D

Daily Outfit : Friday Freaky Floral Blossom

[ Mom : floral mini dress, Choco Wedges . Michelle : Babymichys shirt, Unbrand Floral skirt, and barbie shoes ]

Floral prints are no longer considered as old fashioned. now the old stuff was in love again..we call ed it Vintage. We loved the floral chic skirt prints. But the non-sleeve shirt is a little too sexy for work. I throw a cardigan over the top. :D Ah... the floral really helps cheer up my patients...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Floral Polkadot ballet - Toodler shoes

Arghhh...this lovely shoes brightening up my gloomy day.... :D My little angel will love this shoes soo muuchhh ....

[Lela rose - Floral polkadot ballet - little Fashionista closet ]

Silent is golden Make me sick.

Is it so hard to shut my mouth and restrain my self. when I see injustice around me. And the hardest thing is I need to KEEP SILENT like I did not see the actual situation, But I DID !!What should I do to fix these problems, while I do not have the authority to do so. why he doesnt have a little sympathy for other ppl situation. Why do junior employee always get High presure and always get abuse. Really hate some people who always use his power to press human rights. Grrrr..... !!! in the hierarchy , Employees also have the same rights and recognition.
What should i do ???????

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pinky Taylor Dress Perfecto for Party

Beautiful Bracelet... Wanna Some ???

[ Beautiful Bracelet ]

if you interested with this cheap bracelet only Rp 60,000
just Click here !! While stock Last
Happy Shopping :D

Daily outfit : Working Nerdy outfit

Welcoming Busy week ...Yaay !! Full of agenda , Meeting, Event, Feasting, so on !!

[ Gaudi dress, Avante Shoes, Fendi Bag , "how to say NO to your children " book ]

Craft for kids : Fish Paper Plate Craft

I really like making handy crafts with my kids in our quality time. since arts and crafts is something that the kids and I enjoy doing together.

Twice per week at nite, we try to spare some time to do arts and crafts together. It’s not always possible though because we may have other bussyness things to do throughout the week.

A Fish paper plate craft :

This is easy - to - make Fish is a cute craft that is made from a single paper plate

It’s SO simple to do and the kids (and I) LOVED it so much !

Supplies Need :

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue / Tape/ Stapler
  • Crayon , water paint.

How to make it :

  • Cut a wedge out of a paper plate. The wedge will be the fish's tail. The hole will be the fish's mouth
  • Glue ( or use tape or a stapler ) the tail to the end of the fish
  • Glue a googly eye on the fish or a simply drawa eye(S)
  • Color in the fish, drawaing the scales, lips and so on.
Tradaaa...Voila !!

It’s simple and so quick to make.

Happy crafting, everyone!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Got Me ...

I love this outfit especially with the flower skirt. now it was the season for floral skirts & dress. looks more vintage and chic. You can wear this outfit for formal and casual event.
And the necklace is very awesome.. I also looking for this necklace.

When daddy do baby sitting ...

[ Boys always be boys - Three happy daddy pedaling rickshaw and compete who ran more faster...And the babies sooo happy !! Not afraid at all ...]

[He teached mike how to be a good racer ?? OOhh..Please dad !! ]

[" the more you step on the gas pedal the faster your car speed"
Come on mike You can do it !!! Go faster .. ]

I really love to witnessing this precious moments, son and daddy time. Daddies, generally being the busy ones with endless working and job, tend to spend less time with the kids. With loaded job , daddies always miss out happy moment and our kids milestone. And My husband relize ..its not right..Not right being ignorance daddy !!

And Im really happy when my husband said that he's really wanted to be an involved dad. He really want to have the best part of his children's memory.

Kids need their daddy who always there for them !! :D

Everyday is Holiday

Ahh... What i love bout holiday is surrounded by a mountainous region full of cool breeze and natural splendours..Ahhhh I really love the smell of the grasses.
[ Nasi Timbel - Food is tasty and should give you some new experiences in dining.]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Independence Buzzyness

These BIG DAYZ , We have been Very busy – doing lots of Birthday party ... But first of all. I want to wish :
[ Happy Independence Day to Our lovely Country - Indonesia. Today - Tomorrow And Forever i will Proud to be Indonesian. ]

Beside all indonesian celebrate Indonesia Independence day - In our home no less busy prepared our Mother's BIG DAY. I will update the birthday party detail on the next blog okayy....

And the other buzzyness .. we have lunch party At Bogor to attended my hubby's auntie B'Day party . All the Family gather together. So happy and full of happiness... Here is the family picture.. KACHAW...

So this is my favourite outfit of the moment :

Dress: Silky Mini dress from
BODYANDSOUL It’s a comfy , Cool material and classy.
Shoes: Tote shoes from Victoria secret
Bags : +5 years Old Guess Bag

[ Mom & daugther action ]

[My Daughter outfit : Dress : korean unbrand, Shoes : Marry jane Mickey , Bag- shopping bag from Times ]

Note : You can click the photo to enlarge the picture !!

Monday, August 16, 2010

YELOOWW...Anybody there ???

Happy Birthday to my Dear Mom....

Today is my demanding-mother's bday ! Woohoo... Happy Birthday dear mom.
Your birthday is the most special day of the year,because without you I wouldn’t have the all encompassing comfort of a mother’s unconditional love…Your Love, for me !

May your birthday bring you happiness galore ...filling you with joy..Like You never had before ! I love you , mom. Keep always be my demanding mom !! Mwahhh

Being A Mom Is The Most Rewarding Thing In The World

[ Dad took this picture while i'm feeding my boy ]

Many people feel afraid to be a mommy, same as me . Young married sacrificing my youth to become a mommy. I could feel its like a Nightmare, because I never imagined that "if I became a mommy ." "what kind of mommy I am?" Can I raise my kids well.. and How I pass my days with a small creature in the house ? How ...How... and How....

And now all the HOW is already passed for 5 years. And Now I already understand, being a mom means :
  • Always having one more load of "childrenhood" to do.
  • Having the ability to make “no” sound almost as good as yes.
  • Being one part nurse, one part psychologist.
  • Having all the following memorized: school office numbers, birthdays (your kids and their friends), Social Security numbers, blood types, immunization histories, school website pass codes, locker combinations, library days, spelling test days, bus schedules and numbers, which books in the series they’ve already read, current underwear/socks sizes. (I could go, but let’s leave it there.)
  • Making a smiley face in any occasional ( eventough you're in your PERIOD "
  • Knowing when to lecture and when not to.
  • Going to bed and waking up earlier than you want to.
  • Taking care of other people when you’re the one who’s sick.
  • Not saying a word when she takes you for a ride with her new permit.
  • Reading the same book a hundred times with the same enthusiasm.
  • Telling them, “It’s OK, Everything's gonna be okay "
  • Not screaming...when your kids jump jump into my new bedcover
  • Drawing lines in my favorite wallpaper.
  • Understanding that a mud-playdough never killed anyone.
  • Having no problem wagging your finger at a kid suddenly twice your size.
  • Having the medically impossible ability to kiss a scraped elbow and make it stop hurting.
Yeahh..raising kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare.. ENJOY your day , MOM !!

Oh yeahh... regarding to the picture tat daddy took... uummm.. "being a mom its really OKAY when they need to expose their own bra strap into the public. " :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Extra curricular: " Pulang Kampoeng "

I strongly support school with extra-activities in introducing local culture to children. In fact , I am very concerned about nowdays " International school" curriculum that forget to teach their students bout the nationalism of indonesian citizenship. They never celebrate " Kartini day's ", " Fasting holiday " , "Kebangkitan Bangsa " , etc. So I often recommend their's principle to make an activities more populist for their student. So they can understand and recognize their own culture.
[ learn to dance " Jaipongan " ]

[ All the kids very excited with the dance ..]

[ No need that serious lar , kid ]

[ i love to played this " Gamelan " mom ]

[ So much fun ..play & learn ]

[ Angklung in show ]

Ehm..New experience for Michelle . And one of the memorable day for her too. Better than going to malls ,rite ??

Vendor dayz - Segarra Ancol

What I loved about working as Marketing was making friends with people from all over the world with different character, different gender, different taste, different culture. From monday My vendor from Taiwan was coming for visit us. and the best time to get together and catch up and gossiping..hee hee. The chit chating was at Segarra- Ancol . Good food, great company.

[Good cappucino ..For Good friends ]

[ Good Food ...For Goodie Friends ]

[ Cheers...For our happiness, success, Healthyness]

Segarra Great for dates, dinner with friends, lazy weekends, live music and beach Parties...i really love the seaside ambiance. The Food is nice.... And my recommended food are :
- Ox tail
- Shrimp Tom Yam kung
- Fried Calamari
- Durian pancake for dessert ..Yummm

Segarra- Ancol :
Pantai Carnaval - Ancol Bay City.
Jalan Lodan Timur No. 7 Jakarta 14430, Indonesia.
Info and Reservation: 021 647 1010
Banquet and Function: 021 920 377 88
Fax: 647 123 05 | info@segarrajakarta.com
website : www.segarrajakarta.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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