Monday, August 16, 2010

Being A Mom Is The Most Rewarding Thing In The World

[ Dad took this picture while i'm feeding my boy ]

Many people feel afraid to be a mommy, same as me . Young married sacrificing my youth to become a mommy. I could feel its like a Nightmare, because I never imagined that "if I became a mommy ." "what kind of mommy I am?" Can I raise my kids well.. and How I pass my days with a small creature in the house ? How ...How... and How....

And now all the HOW is already passed for 5 years. And Now I already understand, being a mom means :
  • Always having one more load of "childrenhood" to do.
  • Having the ability to make “no” sound almost as good as yes.
  • Being one part nurse, one part psychologist.
  • Having all the following memorized: school office numbers, birthdays (your kids and their friends), Social Security numbers, blood types, immunization histories, school website pass codes, locker combinations, library days, spelling test days, bus schedules and numbers, which books in the series they’ve already read, current underwear/socks sizes. (I could go, but let’s leave it there.)
  • Making a smiley face in any occasional ( eventough you're in your PERIOD "
  • Knowing when to lecture and when not to.
  • Going to bed and waking up earlier than you want to.
  • Taking care of other people when you’re the one who’s sick.
  • Not saying a word when she takes you for a ride with her new permit.
  • Reading the same book a hundred times with the same enthusiasm.
  • Telling them, “It’s OK, Everything's gonna be okay "
  • Not screaming...when your kids jump jump into my new bedcover
  • Drawing lines in my favorite wallpaper.
  • Understanding that a mud-playdough never killed anyone.
  • Having no problem wagging your finger at a kid suddenly twice your size.
  • Having the medically impossible ability to kiss a scraped elbow and make it stop hurting.
Yeahh..raising kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare.. ENJOY your day , MOM !!

Oh yeahh... regarding to the picture tat daddy took... uummm.. "being a mom its really OKAY when they need to expose their own bra strap into the public. " :D

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