Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bento Set : Struggling & Happinesss

Yeahh..full of struggling to made this bento set early in the morning. While Iam still in my sleepymode, and need extra concentrate to made this bento happend.

[ Theme : Bento - Cat .Michelle asked me to make Hello kitty bento but too bad i dont have the mold so I creat my own imagination... do you think this is a cat ?? ]

Full of happiness when I saw their smilling face and Louder shout " HOORAAAY..Love it "

[Ahh..thanks God..she still love it !! ]

[ Wall-E agaiiinnnn....Fuuh !! But today Mom success make the "E" ]
[ Oooh..pls mom, dont take it from me..i love the bento sooo much :D ]
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