Monday, August 9, 2010

Bento Set : Wall-E

Another Hobby beside fashion , is BENTO SET. I love to make a Bento set for my 2 kiddos. I love to see their big smile, when they open their lunch box, and see what their mommy made for them.

This Bento set is One of my strong revolution on 2010..I just want to repay my guilty to them. I cant accompany them lunch everyday. With this fancy things , hopefully they can remember their mommy. This bento created with love. And With this Bento can reflect mommy's love.and yeahh..still far from good.. but i believe "parctice makes perfect" and the most important things my kids love it soo muuuchhh..

ehm..I never been update for the BENTO SET quite long. For the past BENTO SET you can see from here .... " MOMMY'S BENTO SET "

And today , I made a WALL-E bento for mike. He already request from last week.. and i just can relize today. ( another execuse of my madness bussy @office ). But anyway , Here is the Bento set :

[ Theme : Wall-E .. Nasi uduk, Fried noddle , Boiled Egg, Fried Egg ]
BUT WHERE IS THE " E " , mom ?? i cant do the " E " again, mike ! Mom, Dont hv any patient to creat the E... really hard,boy. I dont have the Alphabet tools. I Need to cut manually... More cut i do more insane i got!! Sigh .

[ Michelle's bento ...she request " STAR BENTO " ]

[ On Friday Bento i made for them.. NASI TIM, And MILK ]

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