Thursday, August 12, 2010

Extra curricular: " Pulang Kampoeng "

I strongly support school with extra-activities in introducing local culture to children. In fact , I am very concerned about nowdays " International school" curriculum that forget to teach their students bout the nationalism of indonesian citizenship. They never celebrate " Kartini day's ", " Fasting holiday " , "Kebangkitan Bangsa " , etc. So I often recommend their's principle to make an activities more populist for their student. So they can understand and recognize their own culture.
[ learn to dance " Jaipongan " ]

[ All the kids very excited with the dance ..]

[ No need that serious lar , kid ]

[ i love to played this " Gamelan " mom ]

[ So much fun & learn ]

[ Angklung in show ]

Ehm..New experience for Michelle . And one of the memorable day for her too. Better than going to malls ,rite ??

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