Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Independence Buzzyness

These BIG DAYZ , We have been Very busy – doing lots of Birthday party ... But first of all. I want to wish :
[ Happy Independence Day to Our lovely Country - Indonesia. Today - Tomorrow And Forever i will Proud to be Indonesian. ]

Beside all indonesian celebrate Indonesia Independence day - In our home no less busy prepared our Mother's BIG DAY. I will update the birthday party detail on the next blog okayy....

And the other buzzyness .. we have lunch party At Bogor to attended my hubby's auntie B'Day party . All the Family gather together. So happy and full of happiness... Here is the family picture.. KACHAW...

So this is my favourite outfit of the moment :

Dress: Silky Mini dress from
BODYANDSOUL It’s a comfy , Cool material and classy.
Shoes: Tote shoes from Victoria secret
Bags : +5 years Old Guess Bag

[ Mom & daugther action ]

[My Daughter outfit : Dress : korean unbrand, Shoes : Marry jane Mickey , Bag- shopping bag from Times ]

Note : You can click the photo to enlarge the picture !!

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