Monday, August 9, 2010

Last only for Half dayz..

I bought this Mickey Bracelet from online shop. I got this parcel on saturday morning.. Very cute hoh... And very nice in my hand and Michelle's Hand. And in the afternoon we found the bracelet broken like this .... sad.. the bracelet split into TWO. hixxx.... :( . Suddenly mike said " mom, i broke it . Sorry mom " WoooHoo.. So mike did it. Ehm..YES im so dissapointed. But i know he did not intentionally to do it. And I can see from his innocent face.

And with bravely heart, he confess his intuitively , so i dont dare to scold him again. He so brave do an appologize to me and his sister. I really appreciate it and really touchfull. 3 years old boy can be so gentlement. Very valarous to admit his mistaken.. Love you , Mike !! You always be mommy's good boy !!

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