Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mommy Time : Beauty SPA @ Home

As a working mom, I always felt 24 hours a day is really not enough. all of our time, We spent and devote to our children, housework and Job. Its really hard to get my really " ME " time in a month. to have a body treatment, facial or any treatment to pamper my self.. Every weekend I usually spend my "guilty" time to hangout with my kiddos and husband. For me Family still the most important things...But in a woman heart's said that beauty is also is not less important.

Thats why I find out how to balance my buzzyness with a simply treatment , that i can do at home. Without sacrified my Quality time with my family. So I bought bodyscrub in a grocery store. And I do scrubing treatment routenely, once in a week, Just need 30 minutes. I can get my beauty and smooth skin.

Here is some tips i would like to share, how to have your own bodyscrub at home :
- take the bodyscrub cream and apply to your all body ( bodies in dry condition )

- then Scrub the cream on it until becomes pulp scrubing.

- Do the Srubbing to remove all dirt and dead skin cells

- after that wash your body with warm water. and take a bath like usually.

- After that i apply "body lotion" to make it more perfect !!

Tradaaa.... You get your beauty SPA @ HOME ...Touch your skin .... You can feel your tofu skin.... very smooth and sparkling. And your Body skin will look more brighter and moist. I guarantee you will feel more confident, and more sparkle.

Good luck !!
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