Friday, August 27, 2010

How to handle My Moody Boy ???

Mike is My moody boy. Last time his teacher gave us some note bout his moody character. Yeahh..I'm fully understand with what his teacher facing and It's really make me headache to solve this problem.

Mikey is easily get distracted with his mood. Once he don't want to do his assignment/anything, than he won't do it , and start to give you his bad tantrum. He tends to be sooo stubborn especially to things which he don't agree or uncomfortable with. Even tough you force him to do ..he will ignore you and start to be grumpy and screaming.

And It can make me so M.A.D.

Forcing him ...Scolding him.. and punish him, is totally useless. Sometime I really give up with his stubborness. and really want to pinched him and try to triggle him with physical things. but I'm very conscious, Its not useful and not solving this problem at all.

At that nite, Hubby and I have a good heart-to-heart conversation bout this problem. My husband relizing me , We can't educate Mike with hard way. We need to overcome his stubborns by talking to him nicely and giving him good reason and make sense explanation. With that way he will understand better and try to agree and follow our instruction. The more I put pressure on him, he'll always try the best to defense his opinion.

Now we try to practice The " Highest Level " of Kung-Fu. Take deep breath , Start Talk to him nicely and give him good reason why he must to do his assgiment or why he must be a good boy .. try to give him some moral explanantion.. And Yeahhh its really test our emotion (* we need to control our emotions, think clearly and try teach them the kinds of lessons / values that they’re supposed to learn).

AND It's work ! He can accept it very well eventough need takes some time for mike to think and relize tat he's wrong. And what make me suprised is He can say sorry with his stubborness and mistaken.

Ahh...Being a parent with this challenging situations - where our emotion and patience often get tested is REALLY HARD... Fuuhh but everything was worth it, When we can see our kids can grow up with a good character. :D
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