Thursday, August 19, 2010

When daddy do baby sitting ...

[ Boys always be boys - Three happy daddy pedaling rickshaw and compete who ran more faster...And the babies sooo happy !! Not afraid at all ...]

[He teached mike how to be a good racer ?? OOhh..Please dad !! ]

[" the more you step on the gas pedal the faster your car speed"
Come on mike You can do it !!! Go faster .. ]

I really love to witnessing this precious moments, son and daddy time. Daddies, generally being the busy ones with endless working and job, tend to spend less time with the kids. With loaded job , daddies always miss out happy moment and our kids milestone. And My husband relize ..its not right..Not right being ignorance daddy !!

And Im really happy when my husband said that he's really wanted to be an involved dad. He really want to have the best part of his children's memory.

Kids need their daddy who always there for them !! :D
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