Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wish were one day less than 24 hours

I always say I wish my day could have a few extra hours.

But then there are days like today and you know what, if it were over right now, I wouldn't mind.

And the thing is, nothing terrible has happened. Some annoying things, some frustraing things, but nothing too much out of the ordinary. It's just the way it's affecting me -- Like today too many calls, reports, event, Last minute promotion program and meetings...But i believe things are getting done -But why oh why ???

I've tried to restart myelf and do some list likeI use to do, and try to do some ordinary stuff @work, But it didn't work.

I think it's one of those days that I'm just going to hurry up and my angels & hubby. Really miss them so much today ...

Ever have one of those?

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