Friday, September 10, 2010

Pecel Lele-Lela

The best food ever... Pecel Lele. Lele is catfish..the taste similar like unagi. So yummy. Cheap food and best taste. Pecel lele is streetfood .but finding a decent Lele place in Indonesia so hard. We consider bout the hygiene of this food...

But now don't worry, we can enjoy Pecel LELE @ Warung Lele-Lela Very clean , hygiene and trustee place.I would have definitely recommend this place, they open lot of branches.

[ I love the motto " Good Morning in every occasional ]
In this resto they served all bout LELE. the taste not bad and the price very reasonable.

[ Pecel lele set menu ]

[ Kangkung hot plate ]

Warung lele-Lela
website :

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