Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art & Craft : Making Silhoutte water color

Art & Craft time ... I got this idea from one of my favorite Blogger - Leony I really admiring Leony so much. She is an ideal great mommy in the world. I love to learn parenting from here. She inspiring me a lot.

Frankspeak this activities i already done last week. but dont have much time to upload here. Easy art & craft activity ..

What we used:

- Black coloured paper

- Drawing paper

- Pencil, scissors, glue stick

- Watercolour (we used blue, but you can always use orange for that ’sunset’ look)

What we did:

-Lets kids imagine what they want to put in this Silhoutte frame.(let them explore they own imagination throught theyre memorize when we have so much fun in BALI)

- Mommy draw the silhoutes in the black paper and cut out them

- Using watercolour, color the drawing paper (can use blue or orange to make dramastic sunset color )

- Once the watercolour was done, we put it aside to dry

- Once dry, the kids glued the silhouettes onto their watercolour paintings.

And it’s done!! Tradaaaa.......

Hopefully with this sharing you can have a great fun with your kids @ Home.. Having Fun , Mom & Dad !


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