Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magic Of Friendship @SOHO

ARgghhhh..This few weeks is the toughess week i ever had. Endless job as a nanny and working mom, Problem in relationships, My kiddos allergics sickness, My FIL get kidney operation... Fuuhh really full up and down stories and tears made my world so miserable and grey.

But i still greatfull with all happening .. With this life experience can make me more mature and create me to be a better woman.

And Yeappp... the magic of friendship happening into my life.. With them all my anxiety and distress immediately vanished. We had a great nite @ SOHO. Really beautiful nite, with abundant food, jokes & laughter, sharing togetherness and happiness. I relize our lives canot be without friendship.

[ Nice dinner .. steak , wine & lover ..delicous from diffrent cuisine ]
[ Our Outfit of the nite .... ]

[ With my lovely sista ..Suzan ]

[ I love the surround of Social House. It offers stunning views of the hotel Indonesia - Kempinski roundabout and surrounding of jakarta nite. The place is delightfully spacious

[ After we have a big big great dinner ]

[ New Mom .. Mom's Nicohlas ]

[ The best wines from the finest regions ]

[ Love you gals... very inocent in black .. Stylish gals ]
1st Floor at Harvey Nichols
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall - Jakarta
Telp : 021-2358-0450

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