Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today topic is around Yesterday Flood and Traffic. But Yessss..I Have been stuck almost 2hours , usually the distance from my office to home can be achieved within 30 min. Very Very horrified... Im really sad see this mass phenomenon.

Jakarta instantly paralyzed, all the main street are filled with water and flood. All the street stuck .. lot of cars and motorcyle strike. Sigh :( During sitting in the car , I was very sad to see people waiting for transportation car (and you know all the transportation can not move too), While the situation was still drizzling rain, Flooding. Untill they decide to walk. Fighting to go home. Hundreds People must be late to go home :(

Well , Delug is every year problem that still cant be solved by local goverment. The gov just promised, that he can make Jakarta through their problem such as flood and traffic jam. But still we cant see the changes. Why government never learn from experience ? why they dont care a bit with this situation ? Pls do something ... We cant stand like this anymore

Hi..Mr Big , We're waitting..Pls do the best for us !!! Stop to build any mall & estate ANYMORE !!

greetings from people who rush need to urinate due stuck in traffic last night :D

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