Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick & Easy Pancake ChoCo

This morning I hv tried to make Choco Pancake for our Breakfast.

Simple enough for a newbie like ME and very simple enough for the kids befort they leave for school .

Just need to Sift together Flour , egs , vegetable oil, and water. and Bake the dough then you can add the toping according your taste.

But the pancake apperience not really good. Hix :( I tried to make Hellokitty head but it totally FAILED. Maybe the pan to small, Its hard for me to revers e the dough. But dont be sad, mom !!! practice Make Perfect... ehh No no no... Good Practice make BEST perfect pancake !

[ Trouble ..Trouble..Hello Kitty Pan ]

[ Best toping - Hershey CHOCO flavor ]

[ Xian tried the pancake ...And VOILA ..Lurve it !! AAAAAHHHHMMM ]

[ Its SO YUMMY, mom !! ]

[ Bento WALL-E AGAAAIIIIINNN and againnn...for MIKE.
I add chicken sausage. He loves it so much ]

[ Ahh..Please ! Michelle took this photo.. Mom youre very messy and sleepy face ]

Happy Tuesday , mom !


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