Monday, October 11, 2010

Raising Eco-Friendly " Green " Kids

I always love to share and teach my kids how to be eco-friendly kids and alwasy care bout their environment.
Because I believe the future of the world rests in our children's hand. So introduction from young is more easier to plan a good habit untill they grow up later. The ultimate decision rests with them, But we can start them on the path of living eco-Friendly lifestyle while they are still young.

Here are some ways I alwasy teach my kids to be Eco-Friendly. Some activities we may do in direct and less direct. But they all have one thing in common - It will give my kids a better sense of the world we live in and how to keep it green.

1. Dont wasteful of Electricity - While they playing dont turn on TV. After leaving the romm , make sure turning off the lights and televisions.

2. Plastic Bags - Minimize using/take any plastic bag when they go to mini market. Now they can follow me, they can take bag from home , and when they buy something, they can put in their bag. So no need to take Plastic bag from the mini market. and sometime when they forgot to take their bag, they can ask the cashier not to give them any plastic, their more prefer to carry it.

3. WHen doing art work activities, I always try to use recycle paper (such as brochure , paper milk cartoon, tin, mineral water bottle ,and etc ) , something can we use to make some cute art work.

4. Not to waste water. One time when my helper forgot to switch on water pum, and suddenly our water is drained, the kids so panic. because they can wash their hand, and go to bath. And use this occasional, I explain them if their always waste water , we can be like this everyday.. From tat time they always use water very very carefull. When they open faucet, they always make smallest water flow.

5. Toilet Tissue - Kids always love to play tissue. Not in restaurant , at home,in the toilet. They love it so much. But I always remind them all the stuff we have, or people have we can not waste it , We need money to buy it . And Tissue we take is from a big tree.. When you waste one tissue , you will make one Tree dissapear (*mike will say " allien take it " *). And our world will bold like grandpa head. And my daughter can say .. " yeakkk...very ugly "

Each one of us a cause of Global warming, But each of us can make choice to change that. Go Green - Save the planet. So we are being parents have a big big big Responsiblity to make this world better place for our Next generation.

And here is some Quick tip how we can make it happend , The key is : Consistency, Patient, Good example , and dont forget to REWARD them.

And by this, I hope I can inspire others to live green too.

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