Friday, October 8, 2010

Visualising Your Goal

The difference between visualising your goals and not visualising your goals is really far different like a night and day. I’ve been on a my half year practice in which I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is spend 20~30 minutes visualising what I want to achieve in the medium term untill High term in my daily life. Such as my Kids, work, household, Relationship, life, Financial, and general lifestyle goals.

When I was doing this regularly, my day was more focused, I knew what I needed to achieve for the day, I became more efficent, and wasted less time.

I felt more productive and active from doing this practice. I felt my day had a purpose and subsequently my life had a good direction. On the contrary when I haven’t done this practice I felt aimless and just drifting along in life not knowing what my obligations are.

I am writing this to keep up myself to more practice and not fall back into plan-less and blur life cycle.And want to share this good Kung-Fu to all of my reader. Come we try to make our life better and orginize. Mwaahh... :D

In-FACT: There still some things that bothering me. On my Self-Confidence. Does this have anything to do with my visualization? And IS THAT TRUE, I have some problem with my self-confidence? Umm... this problem still not resolved Yet. And still murmering in my head. Okay neutralize my mind I'll try to count my luck & gracefull..Hmm..maybe it will make my dayz more colorfull !

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