Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CHAOS in the Morning

Mike send this message to my boss by SMS :


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hjnjhkm$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ghhbfghbhthjyjjjutgrfnjc¤h. "

OOOHHHHH Plssss.... ! What a chaos morning .. Too many "dollars" mike.

ummm....I should thank him (*my friends said*) He already help me to asking my boss for a raise ! Bahh...Hopefully my boss "understand" what mike's trying to say he he he he.. No no no ..I meant hopefully my boss "understand" KIDS ???

Food for NOBLES

If you want to treat me as a lady ... Yeahh.. this one of my fave food !
Ha ha ha ha ha :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday party

I jumped from my bed, When i heard very very loud laughter in my kitchen. Im so surprise when i saw my hubby bathed flour. And I saw all my best gals in my kitchen laugh very happy. (especially nelly.. she always waitting for this momment ). oohh...poor hubby ! But its okay , Clock showed 12.15 , tats meant now you growing old liao. Happy Birthday Hubby ! What a surprise bday celebration. (*frank speak, I dont know bout this surprise party . My mom, my servant and all my best buddy arranged it for him. Oohh...Mom. *)

[ Hubby's Birthday cake ]

2nd time Surprised party @ his office. I arrange with his boss and his collague. After office hours, I show up with my kiddos and friends. Tradaaaa... And 2nd time He almost got heart attack... Again !! Yaaayy..very happy saw his happy face. Very innocent ! ha ha ha ha

[ I always love his innocent smile... He always cute for me hi hi hi hi]

Happy birthday to love of my life. We love you so much !
From the bottom of my heart... I really , trully do thanks GOD for creating such cheecky, and an amazing man who complements me in every area...and eventough he always do silly things but he really completes me.

God is so Fair !
Create this Silly guy to meet Smart and clever wife. ha ha ha ha :D
Just kidding ,dear !
I really love you and YES... you are the most handsome, classy, charming, endearing man for me !
And Growing old with you is one of my favorite things to do !!.
- Happy Birthday , Hubby ! -

Every Body loves BABIES

This visually stunning new movie simultaneously follows four babies around the world - from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.

The child-rearing approaches are as varied as the families’ socio-economic levels, and yet all the babies strive for – and achieve – the same things. They bond with the parents, explore the world around them using all five senses, torment household pets, and work incredibly hard to develop gross motor skills.

I was fascinated by the contrast of parenting raise a healthy and happy child in different place and environment and situation. While I couldn’t imagine raising a child in a forest , underdeveloped economic.

Umm..from the trailer i can get some conclusion : Every Children are TOUGH & FORCEFUL , they can follow their inner drive, and need only a healthy dose of freedom, love, respect, trust, and tangible experiences to unleash their potential.

I cant wait to watch this movie tonite... Babies...Babies..I love Babies !! :D Who will follow me to watch this movie ??? Come..Come...Come ...

Best Quote :

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration - Evan Esar

Shop Via Web Online

I bought this dress via online shop. Ahh.. I like the dress. Lace white dress, very elegan and sexy suitable for nite party.

And the black victorian dress ..wooohoo..love it so much. Elegan. The dress has a structured Bodice and for me personally, I would go with a naked neck. And paired it with blazer so can suitble in any ocassional.

Ahh.. Cant hardly wait to recieve the dress.. Will update you soon when the goods arrived. and will take some photo (*Dailyoutfit*)

Michelle 5th birthday Together With Fam & School Friends

Michelle turned FIVE, and we had a little celebration at Vege Resto with all BIG FAMILY AND another party at her school.

We had a simple birthday celebration on Michelle's Birthday. Spent with all her Cousin.

She had her Princess Birthday Cake. SHe love it so much. Since Our little girl love AURORA so much. She was so surprise with her bday cake. She love love it so much

She got lot of present from her cousin , uncle & Auntie, Pho2 & Ye2.

[YAaaayyy... HAPPYY !!! ]

[ 3 Cheecky BOYs ]

[ Mom & Little Princess ]

Prepared her birthday party is not been easy. Overloaded job and racing with time. Very jugling time. But Ahhh... really Seeing her THAT happy and enthusiastic about everything really made it all worthwhile!

On 18 November 2010
we had a nice little gathering with Michelle's School friends!

[ Big Family @ School ]

[ Love ..Love..You so much Michelle ]

[ with all favorite Auntie ]
Our little note to Michelle :
We all love you so much, dear.
Mom & Dad , Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.
And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.
It was a nice get-together overall. THANKS everyone for spending those special birthday moments with Michelle, for the wishes and for the gifts! Thank you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily Outfit - Welcoming Colorfull Month

Alohaa..How are you gals ??? Ahh..really miss this homey blogy. Im so sorry by not updating this blog for soooo loooongggg. Hectic month make me insane. But Im so blessed. All the event/job done pretty well, running as expected. Happy Voila !! And the bussyness is over...

And welcoming season greetings..

[ I love bali dress, Its very cheap and comfort to wear Only $3.5 , Lovely dress rite ?? ]

Wooohooo... I always love december. I love xmas carol... I love xmas decoration ... especially when you go through shopping mall... You can feel the xmas ambience. Love it..Love it so much. Holiday is coming to town ha ha ha ha :P ... so what is your planning for xmas , gals ??

Friday, November 12, 2010

You really FUN on it ????

This month is a busy and heavy month for me. as I mentioned in my previous blog - Avery Busy week. But In this bussyness, I feel so awesome. I really love my job ..I really DO ! I take all this messy and bussyness as a credit for my Capability and passion. It feels Very awesome ! I felt excited and energizing. Having work that I love ...I feel GOOD.... Tired ( Exhauted ), and YES, really overwhelmed. But overall Energized in full power. In term of this time, Iam in a better MOOD and FUN and really enjoy it. I love doing Budgeting, Analys, Event, Family, spending time with kiddos and husband and so on... I really want to be doing it. And this is part of my Balance life. Without this messyness i feel my life imbalance.

But sometimes nothing is perfect and there are always issues and challenges and endless ups and downs. When your are into what youre doing it all seems more bearable. what you have planned does not run smoothly..Make you feel so upset and down. And Yeah..you start grumpy... and complain ..feel not happy.

And some people will say "Now you start suffering in your lovely job ?? " , is there any FUN and Happy in your job,When you start grumpy because you upset and dissapointed ?? should we start doubting our job or passion, when we started complain and grumpy ??

Daily Outfit - Xian on Jakarta Fashion Week

[ Dress Anna Sui , Disney Flat shoes ]

She always love fashion. She was inspired by Barbie - The fashion designer.

She always tell me that she really want to be a fashion designer when she grown up.
I like Fashion, I like Beautifull Dress , I love Shoes. (* Its sooo meee....and Yeapp youre my daugther :D *)

Im so surprise when we're in the middle of Fashion show. She give some unpredictble comment bout the model and Fashion. I'm really surprised , where she got her " Fashion grammar " ???
" Mom, You see the purse so perfect, You like it "
" Mom , The model have a beautifull nail polish "
" Mom, why the model have a red ribbon in their head, So ugly "
" Mom, the skirt so sparkling, i like it.. I want it "

Umm...Kids and us have the same perspective about passion and ambition. When they got their " ROCKSTAR" and get inspired. They will try to pursue them self to know more and driven their skills.

umm..But frankspeak I dont really like " AMBITION " word, coz I realize that ambition is often confused with greed and selfishness. And Encouraging a kid to be ambitious doesnt necessarily mean that you want them to be wealthy. I always tie in ambitious people with PASSION.

People who act on their passions are ambitious and teaching children to recognize what they love and act on it is what truly succesful people do. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday - Fendi !

We celebrated Fendi’s Birthday on Friday afternoon with a lunch at D-COST , and a lovely Yum Yum Chilli crab woohoo.. ha ha ha In usual ATIKOM style, birthdays are all about food!

[ Birthday Boy - Fendi ]

Here is our togtherness... Sales & Marketing Team ! Woohooo Rock Your butt,dude !

[ One team ]

[ The girls & The boys ]

[ chilli crab ]

[ The food ]

Happy Birthday - Fendi !!

My Sparkling girl Turn 5 - SOON -

Arghh..Time flies so fast..My dear daugther turning 5 soon.

Before you were born I’d never have guessed Such a wonderful daughter That I would be blessed.
When you were little, I’d watch you play,You’d smile at me, In your own cute way
My heart would fill With my love for you ,Without you I’d wonder What would I do
And as you grew up I watched you with pride ,Happy was I with You at my side
To me a blessing You will always be So much, I love you so much !!

Happy Early Birthday wishes ! Mwahhh :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gardening : Plant A Bean Sprouts

Children of all ages love to nurture growing things. So , I made some activities with the kiddos. Planting " Bean sprouts ". (* Remind me my past acitivities in Primary school*). Children are always fascinated by watching vegetables sprout, even if they don't always want to eat them!

Almost any variety of dried bean or pea, except split peas, will make sprouts. So we choose the easy gardening.

What You'll need: A Recycle Glass, Cotton, and Green Beans

Just spread the Green beans into the wet cotton, And put inside the glass All of these grow fast, and can easily be grown on a damp piece of cotton. Children love to watch things happen quickly, and the best bit is they can eat the end results. Just make sure the cotton never dries out.

You can enjoy these easy projects with a minimum of supplies or effort, and have your own garden indoors any time of year. And let your kids learn and fun start from Home ! :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 ~ Learn to being A Fashion Photographer

Jakarta Fashion week officially start on saturday 6 nov 2010 , Grand opening open by a Famous fashion designer- fashion show with " A Tribute to Kebaya " By Adjie Notonegoro, Anne Avanite, Ghea Panggabean, Harry Darsono, Ramli, MUSA, etc.

Overall this year JFW very good still show the class and glamours of Fashion. And still showed a sense of concern for Merapi victim Disasters.

One of the show during Jakarta Fashion Week 2010, I try my hand to learn being a Fashion Catwalk Photographer. (*still junior need learn alot from my senior*)

[ Billy Tjong Designed ]

I came early to found a nice spot. I discovered the U Shape position of the stage. My hubby giving me photography tips and advice ( more technical setting ) , And Teached me a few things bout catwalk photo. Thanks Hubby ~

[ My chubby tutor ]

Here is some Photo that I try to capture... ahh..not tat easy to take good picture. xoxoxox..Learning process ..

Here is the Profesional Photographer - SALUTE ! Can u imagine standing on a small platform for an hour, lifting camera and big lens to their face.

I used. My EP-1 With a wide lens and lens hood. I dont have an additional flash. Will update you another Fashion Show with another great Design from Indonesia Designer. Let Support Indonesia Fashion designer And Love Indonesia Production. :D

The classy of HERMES

[ Hermes Display ]

[ Admiring..Admiring ]

[ Lovely shoes ]

I always love HERMES collection. But still cant afford to buy all the stuff. Ha ha ha ha :D
Still in my dream to have one of the best collection in my closet. Woohooo...

Just ordinary picture I took ..Cheers :D

Daily Outfit - Hubby the Boss

It have been so long not updating My daily outfit.
Today i would like to expose my Hubby fave outfit. He is Not My FANCY Fashion Husband. He loves to wear casual and comfort outfit. As long as he feels Neat and classy.

[ Unbrand Polo Tshirt , Golf Pants, Pedro Casual Leather Shoes, Zegna Glasses, Olympus SLR ]

I always love a man wearing shoes in every ocasional. For me , looks more profesional and show their class. Im not talking using sandals not show it. But I just dont feel a man's outift is complete without SHOES.

These are my picks for my hubby - Another casual shoes From Stthonline... Cooper shoes. very lovely and manly rite ?

Man to be a fashionable is not a sin ! :D

Friday, November 5, 2010


Im so proud and admiring with what CIRCLE K dedicate their IDEA to solve and Save our planet from Global warming.

Dont You see we call this " GENIUS creative IDEA !!!! "

One Red Bag goes to green equal 1000x Plastic Monster Bag ! Its already help us Alot to reduce Plastic bag in this earth.

I hope all supermarket or any groceries store can relize and can be more aware to STOP shopping bag consumption for their customers !!

Pls all STOP using Plastic bag in your daily life... And DIET plastic bag , please !!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White Lie

Quote of the day " Mistakes occur and that’s life. But repeating the same mistake over and over again? That’s stupidity "

A Very Busy Week

Arghh...This month will be very tough month for me. So Many event queue-ing very long. From Exhibition , Event roadshow, Fashion week, preparing my hubby and lovely daughter bday party. So hectic ..sigh!

Yesterday i sleep like a log.. feel so terible tired. No desire take Qualtiy time to played with my kids , and always yawning when hv a "great" conversation with my hubby. Sighh. I need My ME TIME.

Ahhh.. Endless job make me so grumpy. In the middle of my grumpy day, I love to search and preparing my lovely hubby & daugther's bday party. Princess theme.. with a glamour sparkle gown and tiara, Cute birthday cake...Arghh ! Made up my dayz.

Come on mom..everything gonna be okay !
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