Monday, November 29, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday party

I jumped from my bed, When i heard very very loud laughter in my kitchen. Im so surprise when i saw my hubby bathed flour. And I saw all my best gals in my kitchen laugh very happy. (especially nelly.. she always waitting for this momment ). oohh...poor hubby ! But its okay , Clock showed 12.15 , tats meant now you growing old liao. Happy Birthday Hubby ! What a surprise bday celebration. (*frank speak, I dont know bout this surprise party . My mom, my servant and all my best buddy arranged it for him. Oohh...Mom. *)

[ Hubby's Birthday cake ]

2nd time Surprised party @ his office. I arrange with his boss and his collague. After office hours, I show up with my kiddos and friends. Tradaaaa... And 2nd time He almost got heart attack... Again !! Yaaayy..very happy saw his happy face. Very innocent ! ha ha ha ha

[ I always love his innocent smile... He always cute for me hi hi hi hi]

Happy birthday to love of my life. We love you so much !
From the bottom of my heart... I really , trully do thanks GOD for creating such cheecky, and an amazing man who complements me in every area...and eventough he always do silly things but he really completes me.

God is so Fair !
Create this Silly guy to meet Smart and clever wife. ha ha ha ha :D
Just kidding ,dear !
I really love you and YES... you are the most handsome, classy, charming, endearing man for me !
And Growing old with you is one of my favorite things to do !!.
- Happy Birthday , Hubby ! -
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