Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Outfit - Xian on Jakarta Fashion Week

[ Dress Anna Sui , Disney Flat shoes ]

She always love fashion. She was inspired by Barbie - The fashion designer.

She always tell me that she really want to be a fashion designer when she grown up.
I like Fashion, I like Beautifull Dress , I love Shoes. (* Its sooo meee....and Yeapp youre my daugther :D *)

Im so surprise when we're in the middle of Fashion show. She give some unpredictble comment bout the model and Fashion. I'm really surprised , where she got her " Fashion grammar " ???
" Mom, You see the purse so perfect, You like it "
" Mom , The model have a beautifull nail polish "
" Mom, why the model have a red ribbon in their head, So ugly "
" Mom, the skirt so sparkling, i like it.. I want it "

Umm...Kids and us have the same perspective about passion and ambition. When they got their " ROCKSTAR" and get inspired. They will try to pursue them self to know more and driven their skills.

umm..But frankspeak I dont really like " AMBITION " word, coz I realize that ambition is often confused with greed and selfishness. And Encouraging a kid to be ambitious doesnt necessarily mean that you want them to be wealthy. I always tie in ambitious people with PASSION.

People who act on their passions are ambitious and teaching children to recognize what they love and act on it is what truly succesful people do. :D
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