Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gardening : Plant A Bean Sprouts

Children of all ages love to nurture growing things. So , I made some activities with the kiddos. Planting " Bean sprouts ". (* Remind me my past acitivities in Primary school*). Children are always fascinated by watching vegetables sprout, even if they don't always want to eat them!

Almost any variety of dried bean or pea, except split peas, will make sprouts. So we choose the easy gardening.

What You'll need: A Recycle Glass, Cotton, and Green Beans

Just spread the Green beans into the wet cotton, And put inside the glass All of these grow fast, and can easily be grown on a damp piece of cotton. Children love to watch things happen quickly, and the best bit is they can eat the end results. Just make sure the cotton never dries out.

You can enjoy these easy projects with a minimum of supplies or effort, and have your own garden indoors any time of year. And let your kids learn and fun start from Home ! :D

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