Monday, November 29, 2010

Michelle 5th birthday Together With Fam & School Friends

Michelle turned FIVE, and we had a little celebration at Vege Resto with all BIG FAMILY AND another party at her school.

We had a simple birthday celebration on Michelle's Birthday. Spent with all her Cousin.

She had her Princess Birthday Cake. SHe love it so much. Since Our little girl love AURORA so much. She was so surprise with her bday cake. She love love it so much

She got lot of present from her cousin , uncle & Auntie, Pho2 & Ye2.

[YAaaayyy... HAPPYY !!! ]

[ 3 Cheecky BOYs ]

[ Mom & Little Princess ]

Prepared her birthday party is not been easy. Overloaded job and racing with time. Very jugling time. But Ahhh... really Seeing her THAT happy and enthusiastic about everything really made it all worthwhile!

On 18 November 2010
we had a nice little gathering with Michelle's School friends!

[ Big Family @ School ]

[ Love ..Love..You so much Michelle ]

[ with all favorite Auntie ]
Our little note to Michelle :
We all love you so much, dear.
Mom & Dad , Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.
And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.
It was a nice get-together overall. THANKS everyone for spending those special birthday moments with Michelle, for the wishes and for the gifts! Thank you.
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