Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Very Busy Week

Arghh...This month will be very tough month for me. So Many event queue-ing very long. From Exhibition , Event roadshow, Fashion week, preparing my hubby and lovely daughter bday party. So hectic ..sigh!

Yesterday i sleep like a log.. feel so terible tired. No desire take Qualtiy time to played with my kids , and always yawning when hv a "great" conversation with my hubby. Sighh. I need My ME TIME.

Ahhh.. Endless job make me so grumpy. In the middle of my grumpy day, I love to search and preparing my lovely hubby & daugther's bday party. Princess theme.. with a glamour sparkle gown and tiara, Cute birthday cake...Arghh ! Made up my dayz.

Come on mom..everything gonna be okay !
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