Friday, December 17, 2010

We are Silly Couple

Almost all our friends give same opinion about our relationship. And In this blog I want to declare it officially " YES.... WE ARE A SILLY COUPLE " . ha ha ha ha ha :D

I admit that our marriage lot of fun , stupidity, sillyness and all funny things. Me and Hubby are humorous person. We love to make a joke, do stupid things together without feel any stiffness and offended. With him I can freely do all my evil and stupid me without feeling awkward and embarrassed. We always admiring each other. Admiring our silly face, our "evil/naughty" idea, our bad/dirty joking. (*ha ha ha ha..I know I know. now you start to constrict your eyebrow when reading this blog*). Yeahh... this US to be.

With him life was so fun and colorfull. Everyday lot of new experience and laughter we can share. Sometimes just some funny shout in Facebook or Tweeter can make us very exciting to discuss until few hours. And I love his spontaneous joke. Not rude , funny but charming (*but sometimes very hit the mark*). ha ha ha ha.

This kind of "sillyness " is how we making time for each other. I thought all couple need to get some trick to make their marriage still hot and quality,rite ?. And I think I can keep survive with this marriage coz of all this sillynees happend to us.. Joke, laugh, have fun together.Thats true connection between us.

As you know, Both of us are very bussy couple, who work 8-10 hours per day. Come home feel very exhausted, Tired, frustation sometimes. Just hv 4-5hours/day for our quality time, untill we decide to fall sleep. We try to maintain our good communication. Its really hard you know.. When your head overheat , overwhelmed coz of your job/ project/ or any distracted out there... its really hard to make a deep and quality conversation. What we get just a bitter and plain conversation. I really dont like this kind of conversation in my dinning table or bed.

So We always try to melting our Full and pack dayz with this "sillyness" trick. He know how to make my days ,I love the way he hug me , and make sure that "everything gonna be okay " .. its just money..Its just a work.. Its just a stupid client... Its just a jerk friends... But it cant ease your happiness, Your beautifull smile. When I See you smile is the finest hour in this life !" Woohooo....So sweet rite.

Sometimes dont look down of " SILLYNESS". It is something that make our life more colorful and meaningful. We can understand more "what is the meaning of life and happiness " !

Have a good time , all !! Dont be afraid to express your sillyness infront of your couple. :D
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