Friday, November 12, 2010

You really FUN on it ????

This month is a busy and heavy month for me. as I mentioned in my previous blog - Avery Busy week. But In this bussyness, I feel so awesome. I really love my job ..I really DO ! I take all this messy and bussyness as a credit for my Capability and passion. It feels Very awesome ! I felt excited and energizing. Having work that I love ...I feel GOOD.... Tired ( Exhauted ), and YES, really overwhelmed. But overall Energized in full power. In term of this time, Iam in a better MOOD and FUN and really enjoy it. I love doing Budgeting, Analys, Event, Family, spending time with kiddos and husband and so on... I really want to be doing it. And this is part of my Balance life. Without this messyness i feel my life imbalance.

But sometimes nothing is perfect and there are always issues and challenges and endless ups and downs. When your are into what youre doing it all seems more bearable. what you have planned does not run smoothly..Make you feel so upset and down. And start grumpy... and complain ..feel not happy.

And some people will say "Now you start suffering in your lovely job ?? " , is there any FUN and Happy in your job,When you start grumpy because you upset and dissapointed ?? should we start doubting our job or passion, when we started complain and grumpy ??
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