Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheers 2011 And Memorize 2010

Wooww It almost 2011 A brand new year is here , Another year filled with Dreams, Hope, Expectations, Resolutions, Fears and Forecast. And 2010 will end soon, A year that dissapointed many , Sad, suprised some, and A happy moment.

My sincerest wish for 2011 : Let we make good things happening, Help more people, Do the best for our family, friends, Work and job, Always be a good parents for our childrens, create a happiness in this world start from our environment,

Set the target and achieve it, keep Chase our dream & passion, Maintain good healthy ,And keep our value & good heart more stronger.

Let us share a moment of joy, love, peace heart , keep humble, Greatfull and understanding.

That is my new year's wish. I hope you all share it with me.

And more tips for 2011 " Remember, dont look at things only from one angle coz there are other angles to look from, be open minded - YOT "

Happy New year 2011 , All ! :D
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