Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Eagle In my chest " :D

Sound weird ya :D better write " GARUDA DI DADAKU " .

I guess everyone is looking foward tonight football game. Indonesia VS Phillipine.
I thought The GARUDA team really is unstoppable now. Woohoo.. After beating laos, Malaysia (*love love Bambang*) Beat Thailand again and Now the time move to the 2nd stage of the TIGER cup.

Wishing you all the best babe " Irfan Bachdim" (*blushing*) & Go go go For " Bambang Pamungkas ". We will support you. Make Indonesian Proud with the new revolution of football team ! mwahhhh :

Dear Friends,
GIve your big support for THE GARUDA team .. dont forget to watch TV on 19.30wib. !
IN-DO-NE-SIA...jreng..jreng..jreng..jreng IN-DO-NE-SIA ! Woohooo
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