Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its not just Money..But Experience !!

Ah...cant wait for the coming holiday ! I even cant stop my mind to imagine our great holiday, Shopping while enjoying the beautifull of xmas carol , Enjoy the exotic of the beach, Listen to the melodious of the waves, soft of the sand on my feet.

I've always been a big disagree of the motto that money cant buy happiness. My take on this a bit different. Yeass..."MONEY" cant buy happiness , But it can HELP you to buy Experiences that make you happier.

For this case, Going on vacation absolutely will makes me, Kiddos and hubby feel HAPPY. It would getting away from the day to day routine and endless job. Holiday to a destinantion away from our Home , relaxing our body and soul :D . Do we need a plenty of money for leisure ?? To enjoy our Holiday ?

I dont think so , We can always spend our holiday just at a little cottage/hotel even we can stay with our friends / family house. To spend more money on vacations means being able to visit NEW and AMAZING places we never see, Eat decent food, Enjoy new culture , Enjoy beautifull landscape.

I got this great motto from others blog web " Life is short... Sowe need to collect experiences More ".

My kids always love to stay in hotel, they feel its like a new experience for them. New environment, New room, New ambients. When we have our holiday overseas, we always do like a backpackers... Just need A map and we can explore all the way (*like DORA*) . We always try to encourage our kids to find out more in the countries that we go. We take new experiences Try the transportation "MRT" / "BUSES".. the farm stay, and so on.

" The experiences " is the KEY. Spending more money on Experiences , traveling, visit new place. its just more rewarding and happiness-contribution for our Hectic life.

Do you agree with the idea that spending money on" experiences" more happier on your holiday ? WHat kind of "experiences " will you find on ur vacation ?

(*Some source from " workitmoms". - thanks for the sharing - "Nataly" *)
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