Friday, December 3, 2010


I believe every people born in this world has a certain mission and purpose. why we can be born in this family not in that family ? why S/he could be our brother/sister, our family and our friends ? Why we're born in this country not other country ? So many why in my mind ... WHY this all happened? "Why are we here?" Is this coincidence or is this a draft of planing ? It is a mystery that was planned by GOD. All purpose of our life is to complete our mission.

Only us who can understand what purpose and mission we have for this world ? Umm..What is my true purpose in this life ??? All paradigm ,theory, religion, research makes me confused and dizzy to think about it.

I just understand my purpose of life started from :

Being Me and ME

I just want to be who I Am. The foolish me, bad temp,impatient, cheerfull, talkative person in My good or bad character.The imperfect Mommy, wife and friends. I want all ppl can feel my explode feeling and emotion to make this life more tasty and Yummy. Best Food in this world, need to prepare lot of ingridient(spicy,bitter,sweet).

Being Happiness

Spread and share my happiness. Another passion to be a story telling. let ppl can be influence and feel the happiness. and Its okay to pretend youre happy,slowly it becomes your habit and finaly it becomes your character.And happiness is a mindest. You dont need to create it. And its not destination and target to achieve. ITs just your mindset that take you a long the way. This life is YOURS..and let you enjoy it !

" Life doesn’t end when we die. Life ends when we decide to stop touching others, through our hands moreover our hearts. When I no longer exist in your heart, what is there to share? And when life takes me away, who will be there to care? " - Diana rika sari -

Being Gracefull.

And I always avoid feelings of hatred and resentment toward others. Life is too precious to be a hater. "Life feels simple when you dont have too care too much bout "hating" and care who will hate you and dislike you. Just do the best for them and let them decide !

I love you universe, I love you , Humans. although we dont know each others. Let us smile and give big tolerance with oter. We are strong with that way and Keep find our Purpose of life to be a better person !

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