Friday, December 17, 2010

Parenting : Keep the traditional games alive for FUN

Play and games are an integral part of the life of any child. Video games, Computer , TV are all common activities that a child may participate on their Free time. And Frank speak , I never agree to bought any Video games or any portable games for my toddler until they ages 15 years old. In my view, Nowdays kids are being spoiled by electronic games, This made indonesian kids grow up with selfish attitudes, ego, and love their own life and build them to the level hedonism life.

Due to the increase of technology in the home, traditional games have become less popular in modern times. The Fact Many traditional games will improve the mental skill and creativity of children, if they are introduced to them at the right age. And Playing traditional games still lot of benefit rather than you let your kids to play Video games all the time.

I still remember how is my childhood past day by day. Full of fun , and hv a good memorize. Playing outdoor activities with a traditional games with my neighbor friends. Who still remember Marbles, Congklak , Ludo, Ular tangga , Hide and seek, jump a ropes, walking by one leg, marbles ? These are games of the past . But to the children of this area , they are nothing more but whispers of the distant past. They Inspire. They spark creativity for those who play the games.

And I really want to share my old-skool games with my kids and let them know how fun traditional games. And how attractive they are...

Ular tangga :

[ play together so much fun ]

Objective : Teach the kids about patience and strategy, Forcing Kids to coorporate with other kids , Teach kids to accept loose & win.

Congklak :
[ Michelle so happy]

[ I teach her strategy and math ]

Objective : Teach the kids bout strategy and precision. And excercise their hand motoric. And teach them honesty, and integrity.

Keep our tradition games ALIVE down to our children and grand children. Build their imagination, social life , and grow togetherness through this game.

Hopefully this Blog can inspiring you to make a Happy Quality time with your kids @ home.

Enjoy ur time and Love you mom !! :D
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