Monday, January 24, 2011

Letting go Part 2

Still remember my past blog bout " I'll let you go " . And yesterday I Read Diana Rikasari blog bout " BREATHE " , And its really INSPIRING me a lot.

In the past I Always think that letting go is the hardest lessons in my life. But after I Throughout the procession of " Letting Go " , is not that hard as I think. I put the concept in my mind to NOT live my life with bring any loaded in my shoulder...just Letting go. In every life there must be a limitations. Limitation to clothes , furniture, Shoes, and People or relationship.

In our life, There will always be things or people, that make us cry, dissapointed , angry, and sad. But let GO.. Let Go of the anger, the grudge, and any intention for revenge. See the bigger picture and other angel of life. Let it GO and Move On....

And I really agree with this sentence. Let go of the people who hurt you, reject you, ignore and underestimate you. They are TOXIC. Its really nice to be a nice people, But its wiser to be wise people. I believe GOD taught us to be nice to people, But GOD never told us to PLEASE everyone we know.

From now on I will letting go people who I know carry a bad influence, and will keep people who bring positive energy for me in any possible way.

Thanks Diana for your Motivation. Im inspiring.. ! :D

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