Thursday, January 6, 2011

My boy Turns to 4

Our Baby Boy is turning 4...Woohoooo.....We never expected this day to arrive, He's growing up so make it last,
The last Three years have been a blast!! ...

On this beautiful day, I pray to God to bless you with all the joy, happiness and glory in the world. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges that come in your way to success. I wish you a sensational Birthday. Blast !

We love you , Mike !!

Note from Uncle Erik :
"This day on 5th January 2011, my nephew turns 4...Love u mike,hope u grew STRONG n has a BIG heart inside n u'll became whatever u wished for n be the best in whatever u do just like the other 'MIKE' that ur name inspired from...may HE blessed u n guide u always in ur long wonderfull journey ahead...LOVE U n GBU, big KISS n HUG from ur uncle... :D "
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