Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Resolution 2011

Haii everyone, This is my first blog on 2011. I believe all of you had a great holiday and New year eve's party. And today is the day , we starting our productive days. Time to full your speed to achieve your target and resolution. Target , Resolution and Dream big for 2011 already set since end of last year... And Now WE MAKE IT HAPPEND !!

Some friends asked about my resolution on 2010. " Do you have any Fashion, beauty , parenting/ house wife & work resolution " ... I said Very loud YES OFF COURSE !! I will try to list down in this blog :

Fashion :
- Wisely shopping ( Buy quality NOT Quantity ).
It don't necessarily mean i am just going to buy from expensive brands, I mean I want to plan and survey and make some research what i want before I buy, And STOP impulse shopping, with discount of stuff I dont really want it.

- Go to the Gym & Aerobic more frequently.
I know it may not seem like a fashion resolution, But shaping up a bit will make everything look better. :D
-Add a bit more color and basic pants/jeans to my wardrobe.
- Avoid morning rush fashion (*promise*)
- Embrace and be a Indonesian Fashion lover.

Beauty :
- Get Great Skin:
Okay..Okay.. when i write down this resolution my husband the one whom very happy to hear it. I will start from Drink Water at least 2L / day (*i know hubby you will smile and happy with this*). Yeahh.. it sound simple ..but for me its really hard to do
- Before go to office and Every night I will put a moisturizer & hand body. "xie, it only take 15min and it makes a huge difference with your skin" try to convience myself.
-i want to take a makeup course , and wear more lipstick ( umm..yeahh I hate lipstick )
- Take off my make up properly before i fall a sleep
- And the last sleep 9 hours/ day

- Spend more quality time with my 2 precious. Spend 4 hours/day after office hours need to be more re-quality. Promise no Blackberry/Ipad or any gadget can distracted us, between this quality time.
- We'd like to spend less money on unneeded stuff and save it for our vacation / holiday with the kids.
- I will try to cooking and start to control nutrition food for my babies. Ahh..first goal, i will continue my bento, cake, pudding for their lunch break. I hope can prepare more meals with a fresh food and serve less processed stuff.
- Count 1-100 when I start to get mad. (*arghhh..i know it hard not scold and yelling at them when their start to be like a monkey *)
- I will create a good communication and learn to understand them. (* my babies turn to be a toddler, this is the right time We need to start create a effectively communication to bring them to be more confident and know how to share their life to their family, and the important things that they know they never been alone.*)
- Everyday at least once we hug and cuddle and tell them " MOM & DAD LOVE BOTH OF YOU "

Others :
- Keep chasing our BIG dream and MAKE it HAPPEND !
- Enjoy life to the fullest
- Keep fit and healthy
- Continued " Diet Plastic bag " campaign.

I think i cant write one by one.. so many lists are running around inside my brain. Cant stop them but now i need to catchup another meeting (* i write down this blog while lunch break*)

Yes..I am inspired.. I am motivated !

But the core of all the resolutions, can see from this blog "

"Cheers 2011 And Memorize 2010 "

Happy 3rd days, let's start chassing your dream and passion and The most important when you do your job , keep remain your self to always HAVE FUN !! If you make it happy and fun , It feel more Positive ! :D
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