Monday, January 17, 2011

Zara Dress BIG SALE Disc 50% OFF

I'm Sorry, for the lack of posts lately.. I was busy with my own projects, but i promise that more updates are coming! :)

Last week , its my productive days Until I fallen sick. Too excited with our Mission and Project. Me & Hubby feel so blessed, surrounded by RIGHT people, Who can always support us and encourage us to the next level. I really want to share my project with you, But be patient yeahh.. Until all can be settle down ..We will tell just stay tune !! Ahhh.. I really feel so greatfull for this Year, New chapter of my life... (*sound cheesy ya..hihihi*).

Okay..Dont want distrub your brightly dayz..I post this 2 cute ZARA dresses, that I bought for my daugther. 2 weeks again we will celebrate for Chinesse New Year. YaaaY. ..Im so happy. All the family member will gathering together.

Here is the lovely Zara Dress that Im in love. Now ZARA on BIG SALE promo.. Discount Until 50% OFF.


idr 300.00 - 500.00 IDR


IDR 260.00 - IDR 450.00

Totally GORGEOUS rite ?? so what are you waitting for.. Go to your Nearby ZARA shop. And shop till you drop !!

Happy shopping, Mommy :D
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