Monday, February 21, 2011

悟(wu) ...Awaked ...Enlighten.

Have you watch this movie ??? YOU SHOULD Watch this movie.. very recommended !!
Awesome storyline...Very meaningful ..Inspiring.. Touching..Tears was coming out from my eyes And gets people start thinking.... " let there be peace in this World " .
In this movie illustrate the tendency of human character : Emotions, Prejudices and greedy. That ultimately lead to havoc and harm others.
This Movie Brought us Comfort and desire of HOPE ! Amitofo ... (*hehehe*)

And i really love the Soundtrack too..the meaning so is the meaning:

WU - Awakening/Enlightenment

An unconditional heart brings great blessings with no boundary

Without boundaries, our fragile lives are all connected through love

Why do you turn a blind eye and let yourselves be restricted by the status quo?
(literal meaning, the law/rule/custom decides what is square and what is round)

Willingly, I finally come to my senses to realize my character and my emptiness


Let go of your inverted dreams, let go of the things which will one day fade away ---> love this lyric

Let go of your leisure, desire, pleasure, and let go of suspense --> its true !!

With one more thing in hand, more danger will follow

With less things, greed will lessen as well

If this is fate, no matter how bitter life can be you are always contented --> (something like the saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it)

Yet if it isn’t, just bury this love in your heart

In this live of ours, everything’s interconnected, and it takes only a split second to look back --->
: literal meaning, when the lotus root breaks there are still a lot of silk threads connecting the two broken pieces. When you want to get rid of something, in this case it’s your past, it’s not that easy because there are evidences of your life before, just like those “silk threads”)

Let me plant a seed of good will and walk down this road of life together with you

Only someone whose heart is not bounded can accomplish great things

Only someone whose heart does not have a story is indigenous above all ---> (because, everyone has a story of their own, it’s very rare for someone to not have a story)

I’ve considered heaven and earth, and I’ve considered everything from my past

Yet I still cannot make out the days of life and death

Do not hate your eyes which deceive you

Do not resent, for happiness is not far away

As thoughts are built around your desires, it only takes a split second to decide between good and evil

With a heart of repentance, let me walk down this road of life together with you

No matter how firm your lies may be, they cannot escape the eyes of God

Before dawn, your heart is being dragged further away

As the clouds are able to blind our eyes in an instant, so do human hearts change

Bitterness have been accumulated since long before, and is bound to keep coming

An unconditional heart brings great blessings with no boundary

Without boundaries, our fragile lives are all connected through love

Yet human beings turn a blind eye and let themselves be restricted by the status quo

Willingly, I finally come to my senses to realize my character and my emptiness

In pure simplicity, let me walk down this road of life together with you


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My today Facebook Shout For valentine's wishes :

" Happy Valentine's day for those who are truly fighting for Humanity, True & Pure love. Spread the love for everybody. This year valentine's day lesson are SINCERE and RESPECT. Thats the reason humans live for LOVE and Live Happily ever and after "

Keep the LOVE spirit to year a head.. Let make it a better place of this universe ! FULL OF LOVE ..HOPE and HAPPINESS !

Here I’m wearing a very good looking The sparkle collection Dress + Charles&keith Shoes

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Phew! It's been a hectic few weeks! The SPARKLE COLLECTION FASHION ONLINE is officially OPEN!

WOO HOO!!!!! Come over and check us out. We've got TONS of products for you to check out.

I promise to give you best product, Best service, Best price. (*still remember my promise to all mommy here, I will comeback to bring you Clothes collection without need sacrified your monthly spending money and here we goooo... come come shop till u drop ! *)

And I would like to say thank you to all of you, I open this fashion online because of all of your Motivation and Im inspired by all of you, xoxoxoxo

Take a look yaa !!! Have a nice shopping all !

Sherlly Wu

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Acoustic Evening With Rick Price

For you who grown up in the late 80′s to the early ’90′s, you must be familiar with the name of Rick Price. Who wouldn’t know him at that time? He was really popular especially through some of his evergreen like “Heaven Knows”, “If You Were My Baby” . And Last night I get the pleasure to attend his concert @Balai Sarbini.

Im so surprised with his new look , Shorthair with neat suite made him so cool and not loose his authentic. And his voice still Amaze.. We cant stand not too scream when he say goodbye without sing his HITS song " Heaven Knows " .. "We want more.. We want more, Ricky " And Suddenly He showed up , seat in the piano and singing the songs. Closing with a standing ovation. Bravo , rick ! You deserve it ..

Overall , I love the concert ..very entertaining. And Andre Hehanusa as a Opening act can bring the audience into the romantic and nostalgic surround. With his old popular song such as " Di kuta Bali, Bidadari, And Karena ku tahu engkau begitu " .

And I'm very impressed with the perform of a couple ( Endah N Rhesa ) with a acoustic - Indie show, and playing in a minimalist guitar and bass format. The musical nuance that Endah N Rhesa triest to bring out is folk, Jazz, Blues, Ballads, Rock and roll. Remind me with Allanis morsitte & Norah Jones.

( Special performanced -
By Rick Price & Andre Hehanusa - If youre my Baby )

( Andre Hehanusa "Karena ku tau engkau begitu .... " )

In conclusion I and hubby had a wonderful time at this concert. There were many different style, especially Rick Price (*ahh you so fabulous*), I enjoyed every single of his songs. I cant wait for the next concert. Hopefully it will be as good as this one !

And special thanks to Wendy who gave me this amazed opportunity and experience ..Thanks a lot, bro ! :D

FYI, I want to update you another Concert Schedule :
- Iron Maiden ( Pantai Carnaval Ancol - 17 Febuary 2011 )
( GWK Lotus Pond -Bali - 20 Febuary 2011 )
- Brunos Mars ( Tenis Indoor senayan , 5 April 2011 )
- Justin Beiber ( Sentul ICC , 23 April 2011 )
- Marroon 5 ( Tenis indoor senayan, 27 April 2011 )

Stay tune & We will come back for another concert report :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Special Gift - Reusable Package

For big & Clear Picture click :
Dear all friends,
Valentine will coming soon. We are know that valentine days means " LOVE " days. We usually can buy something to show our love for our spouse/ Our lovely friends / Family. Buy Flower, Chocolate, Teddy love bear, Etc..
But Why we're not buy something different for our beloved friends. Buy something special and fabulous Gift " A lovely Reusable Plastic bag Package " Only Rp 120,000. You will get Bagoes Polyester ( Size M & L ) , Travel bag, and also a stationery storage. Its really CUTE !!

Its really a small gift with a GREAT impact. Pls share your GREEN attitude to y our beloved friends/family/spouse.

Diet Plastic bag ..for our Universe. Love your Beloved ppl and Love Your Universe too.

Go Green...

Sherlly Wu

Happy Rabbit Year 2011

Happy Rabbit day

Gong xi Fat Chai from Tunggadjaja Family

My outfit - zara harem pants, Tops atmosphere , Anjai UP shoes

Michelle Oufit - Tutu dress + Unbranded Top, Unbrand Choengsam, Guess Dress

Hai we wish you all the best for the Rabbit New Year... The year of rabbit full of happiness and prosperity.

We had a great holiday.. Had a great dinner with all family member, Visit family - reunion, Spread Hong-Bao,.. Ahhh I always love Chinese New year.
Today our first day Back to office after last day on Wednesday (*still holiday mood*) but its okay KEEP UP my spirit. :D

For more photo you can click here --> Happy Rabbit year

Sherlly Wu
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