Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Special Gift - Reusable Package

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Dear all friends,
Valentine will coming soon. We are know that valentine days means " LOVE " days. We usually can buy something to show our love for our spouse/ Our lovely friends / Family. Buy Flower, Chocolate, Teddy love bear, Etc..
But Why we're not buy something different for our beloved friends. Buy something special and fabulous Gift " A lovely Reusable Plastic bag Package " Only Rp 120,000. You will get Bagoes Polyester ( Size M & L ) , Travel bag, and also a stationery storage. Its really CUTE !!

Its really a small gift with a GREAT impact. Pls share your GREEN attitude to y our beloved friends/family/spouse.

Diet Plastic bag ..for our Universe. Love your Beloved ppl and Love Your Universe too.

Go Green...

Sherlly Wu
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