Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Explore the Nature @ Jendela alam - Bandung

JENDELA ALAM - Another recommend place in BANDUNG for kids. I just knew bout this place from google-ing.

The combination of Fun and Learning is the focus of activites at Jendela Alam, with an ambience of a natural valley surrounding and fresh air making it a perfect place to visit.

As we’re spending quite a bit of time here. A friendly guy will guiding your kids, How to plan/farming and harvest the vegetables- Carrot, tomato,peas. And feeding the animal such as Rabbit,deer, hedgehog and cow. And the kids have opportunity to harvest chicken eggs. Mike & Michelle had a great time there. They're so excited. Can try new things and more closer to the nature.

We paid Rp 10,000/person. And all the vegetables we harvest will be weighed and we paid accordance with the kg price. But its quite cheap.

[ M & M feeding the rabbit...
Mike so excited he said " I can feel the teeth chewing my carrots ]

[ The Voracious Deer ]

[ As you know, when Hedgehog worried and angry , it will shake it tails ]

[ The friendly Guide .. You can see from his BIG SMILE.. how he loves the kiddos ]

[ Mike harvest-ing the chicken eggs..every time he take the eggs, he will make sure and check is there a baby chicken inside or not. He'll put the eggs in his ear. "No citt.citt.ciit, mom" .
another knowledge he learn from here. ]

[ Carry the eggs very ..very..carefully ]

[ Ye, See the yellow tomato.. we need to pick the yellow one .. okay ? ]

[ Hunt..hunt..]

We went there From morning .. The weather has been EXCELLENT

Sunny. Breezy. Often hazy. Cold with moderate winds.

But, no rain whatsoever. Which basically allows us to explore different parts of this place.

We feel so blessed.

Anyway .. You can see the kids feel so blast here !

one of the many things I love about Indonesia is the chance for the kids to be exposed to ‘new’ experiences and the beautiful landscape. :D

For the detail you can visit here :

Jl. Sersan Bajuri Km 4.5
Telp: (022) 2788482,
(022) 69597268
Fax: (022) 2788513

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