Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michelle : Dissapointed

Awww...Michelle's wobbly below front tooth is already gone =)

Situation : In the morning when we want to rushing go to school.

Michelle : Mommy, my tooth is already gone last nite ?

Mommy : Wakkzz... You swallowed it ?? OMG... (*panic*)

Michelle : NOOO... It suddenly fall down. And I put the tooth under my pillow. And the tooth fairy take it away. its GONE mom !! and I'm so dissapointed ..why the tooth fairy not leave any money... they just take away my tooth. IM SO DISSAPOINTED !

Mommy : Awww...Im so sorry dear. Tooth fairy will give you present, coz of your brave heart to take off your tooth. They just delay it. Tonite they will coming again, and will put the money below your pillow. Okay ??

Michelle : Yeah.. Tooth fairy need went to ATM. I understand !

Woohh...she always can make my day brightly=)

Mommy =)

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